Monday, August 8, 2022

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Open your wallets


Downtown Des Moines has a couple of treasures that should get city residents to gladly open their wallets. Radio station KFMG 99.1 on the FM dial, and the Jackson Street pedestrian bridge. Go to KFMG’s website to see the week’s scheduling/offerings, or listen to the great variety of streamed music if you’re outside of antenna range. It also does a lot for the local music scene. The Jackson Street Bridgeis on the ever-expanding trail system which sees more users every single year. It only makes sense to repair the historical bridge now at a fraction of the cost to build a new one in seven to 10 years. I do not want to lose either and both accept donations.

Tim Facto
–Des Moines


Not if Kochs have anything to do with it

I recently read the letter submitted by Mr. Hammond stating Jacobs is a shoe-in (Your View, Jan. 9). Because Of Jacobs’ connection to the oil industry, I have one question that needs to be answered before I would ever vote for him or call him a shoe-in: Is he connected to the Koch Brothers and their unlimited supply of dark money? With all that has been printed about Jacobs, this has never been addressed. Iowa does not need a senator connected to the Koch Brothers. These brothers are a very negative force for the average American.

Leonard Gutshall
–West Des Moines


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