Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Nevermind the Nollens


With essentially no public input, resistance or outcry of the arbitrary renaming of Nollen Plaza to Cowles Commons, can the selling of naming rights for our city high schools and cemeteries be far behind?

Could one of our city’s oldest final resting places become “Kum and Go” Woodland Cemetery? With dropout rates increasing and graduation rates at unacceptable low levels, could the home of the North High Polar Bears become “Quik-Trip” High School?

Come to think of it, the home of the East Scarlets sits at one of the highest elevations in Des Moines and “Cityview” High has a nice ring to it.

No need to question or keep an eye on our elected officials. I am sure they will do the right thing. Besides, if no one cared about stripping the Nollen brothers of their honor, why would anyone care about simple directions like North, East or Southeast Polk?

Mike Rowley


CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

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