Friday, August 12, 2022

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Money in politics is scary


After reading the Cityview fact-checker article (Civic Skinny, Oct. 31), let me see if I understand this correctly. If I gave large sums of cash (more than $2.99) to a decision maker (state employee) to consider my product, it would (correctly) be considered, illegal, immoral and unethical and, quite frankly, in the long term, not likely to be effective.

On the other hand, those who make the rules and laws (beneficiaries of both the Republican and Democratic parties of Iowa) are allowed to accept enormous amounts of cash through contributions to political action committees (such as Principal’s PAC), which they can use to hire family members (i.e. Steve King and many others) and entertain and allow contributors further access to solicit even more contributions and then continue to control the cash even after they are out of the business (i.e. Leonard Boswell).

This frightened me even more than the Halloween cover article, “Tales of Iowa Hauntings” (Oct. 31).

Mike Rowley


What would Sarah Palin do?

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

I called the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition (IA FFC) to say that I feel it is making a mistake having Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as its featured speaker during its 13th Annual Family Banquet next month. I, for one, would not want Sara Palin speaking for my organization. I began to say, “I think you should be careful having Palin speak for you,” and he hung up on me. So here is my message to him: When Palin is allowed to speak for any group, she is the face of that group at that time. I certainly would not want her speaking for my organization, business or for me personally.

Before you get all excited about Palin’s visit to Des Moines on Nov. 9, please take into consideration: 1. Palin claims to be a Christian, but her history of loose-cannon remarks about Christ’s walk on Earth have not been supported by Biblical accounts; 2. Palin bragged about shooting animals from airplanes in an attempt to forward a sportsperson image of herself, but hunting animals from the air, chasing them down through snow, which wears them out, then shooting them from the air when it’s exhausted and can’t run anymore, only to leave its body to rot, is not at all Christian. Does Palin realize that all of God’s creations also includes animals? Killing them for sport is, I believe, anti-Christian.

In my opinion, I believe Christ and his walk as a human on this planet preached mainly about helping those with the least, for example. If Christ were to return to Earth in the flesh again, perform miracles that were verified, witnessed and proved, and if He went to the Congress of our United States to address the most powerful and bountiful nation in the world and said that we must all love each other as we do ourselves, care for the sick and injured, elevate those at the bottom, give to the poor, follow the Ten Commandments, not judge others, shed our worldly goods and follow Him unconditionally, Sarah Palin would lead the charge to somehow find Christ guilty of a capital offense and executed, pretty much like what happened on His last trip here.

Dante Vignaroli
–Des Moines


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