Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Rep. Steven King’s points are misrepresented


Rep. Steven King should not apologize for his remarks regarding Hispanic illegals. His message is about illegal immigrants coming into this country and has been misinterpreted by many, including liberal press. Mexico is the major conduit for drugs entering the U.S., and, sadly, many of the illegals carry them in. Although outspoken, King is an excellent public servant, who is doing what elected officials are supposed to do, uphold the laws. Illegals are illegal, whether they are in high school, college or working here illegally.

Unless our border protection and immigration laws improve, the continued flow of illegal immigrants into our country will eventually destroy our way of life. The reason other Republicans have not supported King is because they fear the clout of the Hispanics, just the same as politicians fear the backlash of the National Rifle Association it the issue is gun control. I wish other politicians had King’s resolve.

Dr. Hugh Hammond
–Windsor Heights


Addiction to red-light revenue is bad government

The Clive City council dropped from the agenda schedule of Aug. 1 the reconsideration of its vote to discontinue its addiction to the red light camera revenue source. Let us hope this is a permanent decision and not just a delay to let the public forget after the cover story by Cityview (“Flip the Switch,” Aug. 1).

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa (Dec)

One last example for those who say “if you don’t break the law you have no reason to care”: The technology exists today so that each new car could be equipped (if mandated by the government) with a device that issued a ticket every time the driver went a few miles over the speed limit, every time they changed lanes without signaling, every time they left their driveway without signaling, every time a bulb burns out making the automobile no longer “street legal,” every time a passenger fails to buckle a seat belt before the car is put into drive and on and on and on.

Of course, just like the camera manufacturers are now getting about 50 percent of the revenue, the in-car device would likely require sending 50 percent of the revenue to the car or device manufacturers. Is this the direction Americans want to go?

Mike Rowley


Thanks, Food Dude

Joe Turner at Pardo Pizza certainly appreciates the great review in Cityview and the nice mention in Relish recently. I am even happier with the nice press I’ve been getting for my new mobile wood-oven pizza business.

Jon Turner
–Des Moines


For the love of grammar, even on Facebook

As a whole, I envision Cityview’s readership to be an educated and selective group, an audience that expects something more substantive than lifestyle and entertainment reporting in a local weekly. That’s why recently, I’ve been highly disappointed in the blatant lack of grammar, spelling or basic English skills displayed in readers’ comments on Cityview’s weekly Facebook question.

One week, I even typed out and sent the comments to some of my former students in China to see if they could find all the mistakes. They did. And they’re all 14 years old.

I decided to edit last week’s miserable excuses for written English just for fun; here’s proof. In the future, if you are submitting a comment to be considered for publication, for the love of possessives and plurals, at least bother to proof-read it.

Kirsten Jacobsen
–Des Moines

EDITOR’S NOTE: We made a conscious decision to leave our readers’ Facebook comments unedited and state that claim at the top of each week’s post in Your View. We will continue that practice.


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