Friday, August 12, 2022

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Stand up to the National Rifle Association


A lot of people feel intimidated, bullied or helpless when faced with the NRA, but Dr. John M. Hicks isn’t one of them (Guest Commentary, May 16). There are a few other notables: In 1994 former presidents Gerald Ford, James Carter and Ronald Reagan signed a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives urging them to enact a ban on the manufacture of assault-type weapons. Though riddled with loopholes, the law passed banning the sale of some assault-type weapons and large-capacity magazines. And nobody’s guns were grabbed by the government.

In 1995 George H. W. Bush made public his letter of resignation to the NRA, calling out Wayne LaPierre by name for his “vicious slander on good people.” As just one arm of a well-connected gun industry, the NRA spent about $20 million on elections and lobbying in 2012 alone. It will take children, parents, teachers, administrators and law enforcement agencies organizing and fundraising if they want their great-grandchildren to live in an America where it is more difficult to obtain weapons like those used in the Gabby Giffords, Aurora and Newtown shootings. All because politicians don’t much see or care beyond money for the next election cycle.

Tim Facto
–Des Moines


Gary Kirke to Mississippi?

Congratulations to all community-minded citizens who defeated the plans for a casino in Norwalk. Wild Rose Entertainment spent $260,000 toward the very bitter campaign.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Iowa has a population of barely three million residents, and to date we have 21 casinos, which is way too many. Iowa is a state respected for family values, and residents in Warren County proved they want to keep it that way. In the future, citizens in Iowa must come together and defeat all new planned casinos.

Gaming interests advertise gambling as good, family fun. Rather, gambling contributes to addictive gambling, divorce, bankruptcy and overall disintegration of families. Sadly, schools’ non-profits and local governments have become quiet proponents of casinos. Call it a form of legalized payoff for dirty business.

Casinos are marketed at economic development, but in reality they’re just sleaze. The gaming interests have deep pockets for lobbying for their cause. Gamblers can smoke cigarettes in casinos, but yet smokers cannot light up in a bar in Iowa. Congratulations to the lobbyists for pushing the bill through the legislature.

I suggest Gary Kirke build his next casino in Mississippi, as they want to have one in every county. In Iowa we want to retain our family values.

Dr. Hugh Hammond
–Windsor Heights


Correction: “The Three Graces” exhibit by artist Annick Ibsen runs from May 30 to Aug. 30 at BNIM Architects, located at 317 Sixth Ave. in Des Moines, with an opening reception on May 30 from 6-8 p.m. The venue name was misspelled in last week’s issue, “Summer Arts and Entertainment Guide,” May 23.

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