Friday, August 19, 2022

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A keen insight on the gun control debate


I’m always impressed by the class-act writing this newspaper delivers, but one commentary recently really struck a chord with me (“The Honest Problem of Gun Control,” Guest Commentary, Feb. 7). Maybe it’s my age, and I remember when our own government killed and harmed innocent college students in 1970. Or it could be that same government leaves a bitter taste in my mouth anymore, and your writer’s ideas on how to fix it make complete sense. But the fact that I recently finished the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill was a bit serendipitous to say the least. Your guest view by Stephen L. Stone this week should be required reading for everyone. Thanks, Stephen, for your keen insight into the gun control issue.

Kim Samuelson
–Des Moines


More dirt, please

I am an avid ready of Cityview, and love Civic Skinny. However, as exciting as the Conlin’s fight with the city of Des Moines is, could we please get a little more of the political scuttle? With our state legislature only meeting for four months, I glean almost all my information from the comings and goings Skinny squeezes into the weekly column. Lord knows I cannot get any real news from the Register. The Fund of Funds blurb was extremely interesting; more of that type of dirt please.                

Otherwise, great publication, great column! Keep up the good work.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa
Ted Rasmusson
–Des Moines


A hardship precedent

When I read “The Conlins and windows” (Civic Skinny, Feb. 7) the memories came flooding back. I’ve practiced as a licensed architect for more than 25 years and have done battle with my share of snotty, officious bureaucrats. I’m not sure what legal authority the Historic Preservation Commission has to dictate what materials property owners must use, but clearly the commissioners think they have that power. It’s my best guess the Conlins and their attorneys are wondering the same things that I am.                

Your story indicates that there is no code violation, no ordinance prohibiting vinyl frame windows and they meet guidelines for historic preservation. Although I don’t know specifically which product was proposed, it’s likely that the window units are glazed with insulated glass with a low emmissitivy coating. The vinyl frames will dramatically reduce infiltration between the sash and jamb. It’s true the vinyl frames don’t have the thermal resistance of wood, but the whole window unit is a vast improvement over what will be taken out.                

While the added cost for wood frame windows may not be a hardship for the Conlins, it establishes a precedent that could very well become a hardship for other property owners.

G. Dennis Moore
–Des Moines


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