Friday, August 19, 2022

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No more Newspapers in Ed option


Referencing your Jan. 10 issue about The Des Moines Register numbers (Civic Skinny), another thing they have changed regarding vacation is that you used to be able to donate your issues to Newspapers in Education. Now that is no longer an option, which is even more disappointing now that you don’t get full credit for the undelivered newspaper.

–Lisa Ceddia


Protection comes with more sense not more laws

I am a parent and a gun owner — a conceal-carry background checked and cleared by the county sheriff gun owner — and as a 9th grade student, I experienced a school shooting in my high school at Southeast Polk, which resulted in two student deaths that day. That, in itself, gives me more qualifications to present an article such as the one Douglas Burns submitted for the Jan. 3 Political Mercury.              

Near the end of the article, Burns says, “But I don’t have kids.” That says it all. Next time you present an article for print that you don’t have any experience on, can you state the important line up front so the readers do not waste three minutes of their time reading an article from a middle-of-the-road, life-long conversationalist?             

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

If you wanted to create conversation, Mr. Burns, you got it. Bravo. If you wanted to take a side, you have not. You point fingers at both sides, belittle and try to frame legal gun owners as unstable. I would venture a bet that if you and your family were in a rough bit of luck, and a legally armed citizen assisted you, the feeling of joy would prevail. But because you are a fourth-generation, fence-teetering, middle-of-the-road writer, you must never take a side. But I do; I have; and I will. My family, friends and loved ones are safer for my decision, and I only hope that our educators’ hands are not tied down by fear and ignorance. Our children are our future, and if we cannot protect them using common sense, then they have no hope.

–Mike Kooker


Shoot safe, shoot straight

Thought (you) would appreciate this article about folks outing the paper that published legal firearms owners’ names ( The editor and staff of the paper in turn, got their names, addys and phones published for all to see. Payback is a beach.                

I know you have done this in the past (“Who’s Packing?” April 21, 2011) and hope that you now see why it is important not to do such a reckless act.              

Shoot safe, shoot straight.

–Chris McAninch


CORRECTION: The photo of legislators in session at the Statehouse (“Back to Work,” Jan. 10) was of the House of Representatives, not the Senate.

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