Friday, August 12, 2022

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No shortage of nuts at the Register

Sorry as hell to be a day (months) late and a damn dollar short — worth 10 cents in today’s Wall Street-wrecked money — to comment on a story that appeared in your drinking buddy’s paper (The Des Moines Register) this summer.             

It seems that, due to the severe drought, squirrels may face starvation due to a shortage of walnuts this winter. That got me pondering, if these furry critters have divided their nuts like the people of the United States have split up their wealth, most of these adorable rascals may not be with us next spring.             

If the top 500 (human) families have as much total wealth as the bottom 150 million Americans (as reported in “The Occupy Handbook,” by Janet Byrne, and “It Takes a Pillage,” by Nomi Prinse, among other publications), then we’ve got a problem. If the squirrels’ walnuts are divided up in similar fashion, squirrels may be jumping in front of Cityview readers’ cars come winter. They may decide it’s better to be road kill than nut-deprived.               

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

My hope is our tree-hopping friends have a more equalitarian system of sharing their bounty than people do cold cash. Othwerwise, get used to being entertained by 500 very fat, very sassy and very stingy squirrel families this April.                

If the Register cared about people like they seem to squirrels, the paper wouldn’t have endorsed Uncle Mitt this election season. He was going to give the top 500 even more loot. (Isn’t Wall Street chum Obama bad enough?) By picking Mitt, the paper might as well give you hard-working Iowans the finger. As it is, they are saying nuts to all of you who are not smart enough to be one of the 500.

Tom Kearney
–Des Moines


Thanks for coverage of local music

I gave my two cents on behalf of Brolester Records, and Chad Taylor did a great job talking to the people in this town that know it the best (“State of the Scene,” Dec. 6).

Jeremiah Tuhn
–Des Moines


Great article about the Des Moines music scene, Chad Taylor (“State of the Scene,” Dec. 6) — special shout out to a couple of musician friends, Andrew Fleming and Bonne Finken, well said, well said. Support live music!

–Bonita Crowe
Guthrie Center


I am speechless, humbled and grateful by the review of the “Ladies of Rock” show last Friday (Soundstage, Dec. 6). Sincerest thanks, Cityview!

Rae Fehring
–Des Moines


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