Monday, January 24, 2022

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Cole Smithey review of ‘Lincoln’ fails

Before today I was not familiar with Cole Smithey. But having read his review of “Lincoln” (Film Review, Nov. 8), I’d suggest you read his work before printing. His take on the movie comes across as unreconstructed Confederacy boilerplate. His writing was dominated by his raging at Lincoln the man and at Spielberg for telling the story behind the passage of the Emancipation Proclamation. In contrast, the column inches devoted to the movie itself paled.                

This review should have never have been printed. And you would do well to “yank” Smithey from future issues.

Dr. Chris Siebrasse




A Visit by Smith County, Texas

A blurb in The Des Moines Register recently mentioned a state snag in reporting votes as an embarrassment. That is as minor an embarrassment as you can get when you consider the biggest embarrassment in Iowa history is Steve King. Reminds me of my friend’s comment about a politician in Smith County, Texas. She said a local Redneck whom she knew pretty well characterized the politician thusly: “He’s an asshole, but he’s OUUUR asshole, and doggone it, I’ll be voting for ’im till I’m dead and gone.”               

I thought the language was a bit much, but she said there were dudes in Smith County who cussed a blue streak during the week but cleaned up their act on Sunday. Their thinking was that you could get into heaven with a good Sunday. I’m not about to create any analogies myself, but Smith County, Texas, does visit Iowa just about every election. Probably more if you visit the right Iowa counties.                

But not on Sunday.

John Hicks

Des Moines


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