Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Thanks for remembering Des Moines’ history

Thank you so much for the piece in this week’s Cityview on streetcars in Des Moines (Civic Skinny, Oct. 18). They are a fascinating and nostalgia-inspiring part of Des Moines’ history. Even today, as road improvements require stripping away the pavement until tracks of days gone by are exposed, we stop and remember or imagine what it must have been like. Your article brought them back to life, if only briefly. I hope you continue to highlight topics of Des Moines history so that others may feel, perhaps even as they’re riding on a future rapid transit line, their connection to the past.

Sarah Oltrogge
Des Moines



I just read the article by Michael Gartner (Civic Skinny, Oct. 18). It was so well written and informative. And the pictures added so much. Thank you.                

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

At the trestle at Merle Hay and Urbandale, about which Earl Short is quoted in this article, my mother was robbed by the “Wooing Bandit.” That was in 1939. She was his fourth victim, and from her screams, he was chased and caught. I don’t know if she got her 40 cents back.                

I grew up in Des Moines and like to read about the its history. I would love to see more historical articles.

Karen Hanley
West Des Moines


Good Conduct Medal?

Do you watch “Two and a half Men?” The kid, Jake, has graduated from high school and is now in the Army. In the last episode that I watched, he came home on a weekend pass. He’s a cook in the mess hall. “It’s what the Army does with you when you drop a loaded rifle,” he said.                

I noticed he has two ribbons on his uniform. One is the National Defense Medal that you get for joining up during wartime. Everyone gets it these days since we have an all-volunteer Army. The other medal is the Good Conduct Medal. Now, how the hell did he earn that one so quickly, especially since he dropped a loaded rifle? I’m going to write the producers and ask them. I mean, after all, our own Governor of Iowa does not have one, so why should a loser like Jake sport such an award?

Gary Thelen
West Des Moines


Correction: A photo published in the streetcar piece (Civic Skinny, Oct. 18) had incorrect information in the caption setting the photo at 7th and Locust. The photo was actually taken at 7th and Walnut.


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