Monday, May 23, 2022

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Cityview is insulting to babies

Your comparison of stealing from Habitat for Humanity as “… like stealing from a priest or from a baby” (GoodBadUgly, Oct. 11) is insulting to the baby and difficult to live up to by the priest.

Mike Rowley


The fascist vs. the commie

The blustery carnivals of both political parties are, at last, over. The asses and elefunks have folded their rented tents and blown Miami and Charlotte off, no doubt owing money — as usual — to local hotels, restaurants and whore houses. The employees of these last businesses were probably employed as public relations consultants.                

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Both infomercial extravaganzas fetter us with lies, demonic innuendo and preposterous promises. The “trunks” guaranteed world military prominence, a power economy with a Chic-Fil-A on every corner. The “hoofed ones” promised world peace, free everything and a warm puppy for all.                

Oh, the grating grandeur of it all. It was a battle of visuals: the stuffy Republican wax works versus the Democrats’ over-cooked stone soup. Each show was an illusion of fair-minded opponents outlining practical policies to a rational polity. Sub textual hate, however, spewed hot and loud just off camera from pugnacious pundits and bigot bloggers. The loony left portrayed Mitt Romney as a sub-rosa fascist and racist religious nut. To the rabid right Barack Obama is a closeted, hate whitey, commie Muslim. Take your pick. Accusers always have vetted and objective evidence. They source empirical proof from Nostradamus, The Beatles “White Album” or a handy Ouija board.                

The public grooves on this shit. It’s a national version of the Cy-Hawks extravaganza. The political hucksters promote this crap because the audience demands freak shows. Give the suckers the man with two heads, the wolf boy and a bearded lesbian, and they’ll co-sign any bullshit contest.                

Let’s forget all this nonsense about serious debate, politics and competing policies. It’s mano-a-mano combat: Hector vs. Achilles, a symbolic me against you, you jerk!                

Let’s put Romney and Obama in Chicago’s Soldier Field and let them engage in nude mud wrestling. Duke Nuke ’Em vs. The Brown Bomber. They can punch, bite ears and poke out each other’s eyes. Their wives can walk around the pit dressed in “ooh la la” gear while holding up signs encouraging the crowds to laugh, cheer or cry.                

Is this recommendation tawdry and vulgar? Yep! That’s why everyone will sit in their caves and scream, willing to give the Roman thumb. Everyone knows who they really are. We’re in the same mud pit every day.

Gary Wilson
–Des Moines


CORRECTION: Tyrone Cameron (GoodBadUgly, Oct. 4) is 19 years old. The Des Moines Police Department report had the wrong date of birth for Cameron, incorrectly aging him at 25.
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