Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Paid for by taxpayers in…


City of Des Moines

To be paid on 7/14/2016

Amount: $3,750

To: Ennis-Flint

For: Five gallons of traffic marking paint

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Amount: $750

To: Des Moines Police Department

For: New body armor for an officer

Amount: $376.80

To: Tritech Forensics

For: Blood and urine specimen collection kits (25 of each)

Amount: $160,000

To: ND 22 Fleming LLC

For: One of five grant payments totaling $800,000 over five years to the developer of 604 Walnut St.

Amount: $240

To: Professional Developers of Iowa

For: Membership fee to for city’s economic development project manager

Amount: $1,305

To: National Fire Codes

For: One year subscription to NFPA codes and standards

Amount: $50

To: Archie Cook

For: Presenter at the public library about the history of Des Moines

Amount: $750

To: Des Moines Police Department

For: New bullet proof vest for an officer

Amount: $155,967.43

To: Rubber Roofing Systems

For: Skywalk roof replacement

Amount: $22,442.66

To: Grimes Asphalt and Paving

For: Payment on a bill totaling $779,232.25 for Cownie Baseball Facility parking lot

Amount: $42,042.73

To: Baker Electric Inc.

For: Payment on a bill totaling $223,551.50 for traffic signal upgrade at Hubbell and Easton

Amount: $66,829.61

To: Western Waterproofing

For: Payment on a bill totaling $281,001.17 for 2016 Parking Garage Repair Program

Amount: $290,846.92

To: Hawkeye Paving Corporation

For: Payment on a bill totaling $1,431,846 for East 46th Street and Hubbell intersection

Amount: $4,710

To: Alexander Chemical Corporation

For: Chlorine — 2,000 pounds for wastewater facility

Amount: $1,245

To: Raker Rhodes Engineering

For: Payment on $24,900 bill for City Hall structural design

Amount: $20,049

To: Snyder & Associates Inc.

For: Payment for 2014 4 Mile Creek stabilization

Amount: $318.20

To: Hawkins Inc.

For: 215 gallons of azone 15 (bleach)




Salaries and such

Name        Aristides Andres Capizzano



Title         Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiology

Department              University of Iowa

Annual Salary         $298,985.75


The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding in the amount of $4,051 for Benjamin McCarthy, senior police officer, to travel to Glynco, Georgia, from July 31 to Aug. 12. McCarthy will be attending class at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. The training includes classroom lesson and hands-on application pertaining to control with compliant and non-compliant suspects, weapon retention and recovery, arrest techniques and defensive tactics. CV

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