Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Your Money

Compiled by Cityview staff



Paid for by taxpayers in…

In Des Moines

To be paid on 4/25/2016


Amount: $30,554.45

To: Capitol Center 2 LLC

For: Monthly rent payment for office space at 400 E. Court Ave. for city offices

Amount: $61.63

To: Hy-Vee

For: Two dozen donuts, cookies, one fruit bowl, napkins, forks and bowls for eight people.

Amount: $124,166

To: Operation Downtown

For: Tax receipts for 2015-16

Amount: $943.13

To: Per Mar Security Services

For: Security guard at downtown public library — 32 hours

Amount: $1,161.26

To: Absolute Property Services

For: Graffiti removal program

Amount: $5,224.05

To: ADA Mowing

For: Mowing northeast region parks 183.3 acres at $28.50 per acre

Amount: $140

To: City of Des Moines Inspection Division

For: Board up two windows and one door at an abandoned property

Amount: $1,054.70

To: Pepsi Beverages Company

For: Gray’s Lake concession supplies

 Amount: $55.11

To: Bound Tree Medical

For: Lidocaine syringes for fire department

Amount: $56.58

To: Business Publications Corp. Inc.

For: Advertising in Business Record

Amount: $180,241.92

To: Merle Hay Mall LLP

For: Payment on an agreement from 2008 to redevelop Merle Hay Mall

Amount: $31,355.17

To: Court Avenue Inv.

For: Payment on agreement from 2007 to rehabilitate the upper three stories of 308 Court Ave.

Amount: $375,000

To: Wells Fargo Financial

For: Payment on agreement from 2000 for economic assistance to expand home office facility

Amount: $94,221.39

To: Bituminous Materials and Supply Inc.

For: Emulsified asphalt

Amount: $38.99

To: Ray Allen Manufacturing

For: Police department K9 unit

Amount: $200

To: Bureau of Homeland Security

For: Bomb squad’s annual registration for x-ray generators

Amount: $21.69

To: Gale/Cengage Learning

For: Purchase of book, “The Devil in Jerusalem,” by Naomi Ragen



Salaries and such

Name        Daniel Wardell

Title         Producer/director

cv 5-5 Salaries Such from IPTV siteDepartment              Iowa Public Television

Annual Salary         $67,038.40


The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding in the amount of $2,250 (each) for Mayor T.M. Franklin Cownie, Council member Joe Gatto, Council member Christine Hensley, Economic Development Coordinator Erin Olson-Douglas, City Manager Scott Sanders and Government Relations Director Jen Schulte, to visit Washington, D.C., from May 11-13 to participate in the annual Greater Des Moines Partnership trip to speak with Congressional leaders and discuss the needs of the city. CV

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