Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…




In Des Moines

To be paid on 4/11/2016


Amount: $1,594.72

To: Absolute Property Services

For: Graffiti removal services


Amount: $87.75

To: American Awards, Inc.

For: Des Moines Police Department’s retirement plaque for Brian Danner, including two badges, one laser out patch, engraving


Amount: $1,132.28

To: The Des Moines Register

For: Notice publications


Amount: $75

To: Polk County Medical Examiner

For: Fee for blood draw for an alleged OWI


Amount: $43,372.80

To: Polydyne Inc.

For: One tanker of Clarifloc CE-999 shipped to Des Moines Water Works facility


Amount: $74.25

To: Recorded Books Inc.

For: Library purchase of “Sinful”


Amount: $59

To: Security Locksmiths

For: Police department call for service – pick at 1075 17th St.


Amount: $14.85

To: Starch Pet Hospital

For: Patrol services for rabies vaccination, Lyme disease booster, intestinal parasite fecal exam, canine influenza booster et al. Paid $14.85 on total billing of $78.85.


Amount: $125

To: Fastenal

For: 50 stainless steel bulls


Amount: $10,787.50

To: Fischer Brothers Enterprises

For: Waterslide maintenance


Amount: $50

To: American Heart Association

For: Firefighter training


Amount: $10,095.46

To: Metro Waste Authority

For: Street sweepings


Amount: $270

To: Nite Owl Printing

For: Flier for City Hall


Amount: $20

To: ABC Pest Control

For: Press room at sewage treatment facility


Amount: $606.40

To: BSN Sports

For: 50 heavy duty, anti-whip nets, 60 dozen whistles for Des Moines Parks


Amount: $1,395.81

To: The Conley Group Inc.

For: Patrol security services for March at wastewater reclamation facility


Salaries and such

Name        Jeff DanielsonJeff Danielson

Title         Senator

Department              Legislative Senate

Annual Salary         $21,421.24









The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding in the amount of $1,751 for Polygraph Examiner Amanda Leo to visit Baltimore, Maryland, from Aug. 28 to Sept. 2. Leo is to attend the 51st Annual American Polygraph Association Seminar. The advanced training offered at this seminar will be used to conduct polygraphs for the department in criminal investigations and also in the pre-employment process. CV



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