Monday, November 29, 2021

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Paid for by tax payer



In Des Moines

To be paid on 3/28/2016

Amount: $48,976.33

To: Animal Rescue League

Prep Iowa

For: Shelter lease and services and animal control services

Amount: $37.19

To: Bone-A-Patreat

For: Dog treats billed to bomb squad

Amount: $400.04

To: The Des Moines Register

For: Public Works Department subscription service with premium service.

Amount: $250

To: Dawn Martinez Oropeza

For: Presenter at Cesar Chavez Event at Forest Avenue Library

Amount: $223,128

To: Christ the King

For: Rental/new construction at 5602 S.W. Ninth St.

Amount: $3,550

To: Ron Turley Associates, Inc.

For: Annual support contract

Amount: $5,425

To: REW Services Corporation

For: Asbestos Removal at 2600 E. 36th Court and 1722 E. 42nd St. for Fourmile Creek Watershed

Amount: $203.06

To: Plumb Supply company

For: Gerber one white urinal

Amount: $70

To: Total Tool Supply Inc.

For: Ankles shackles and nylon slings

Amount: $154.85

To: Hy-Vee

For: Public library’s Treat’s for Teens program: Hershey’s, Starburst, Chips Ahoy, Frito Classic, Crème wafer, Oreo etc.

Amount: $36,238

To: Jose B. Gonzalez

For: Deed for 2502 E. 36th St. for Fourmile Creek Watershed

Amount: $500

To: John E. Reid and Associates Inc.

For: Training on the Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Advanced Interrogation

Amount: $15,734.60

To: R.E. Properties LLC

For: Semi-annual payment for redevelopment of 506-524 E. Grand Ave.

Amount: $337.50

To: Akili Design & Marketing Services

For: Adopt-A-Block logo development

Amount: $912.85

To: ADi Group

For: Trophies for Parks and Recreation volunteers

Amount: $432

To: Polk County Recorder

For: Condemnation of 4425 E. 46th St., Grandview Park Congregation of Jehovah Witnesses

Amount: $10.49

To: Midwest Tape – librarians media source

For: Love Riot


Salaries and such

Name        Thomas D. Waterman

cv 4-7 pic for MONEY Thomas D. WatermanTitle         Iowa Supreme Court Justice

Department              Judicial Department

Annual Salary         $170,543.88



The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding in the amount of $3,928.37 for Patrol K-9 handler Aaron Cawthorn to visit Evansville, Illinois, from April 15 to May 24. Cawthorn is to attend the Top Dogs Police Canine Academy and train with the department’s new canine officer. CV

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