Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…


Paid on Nov. 16, 2015

Amount: $79.20
To: Brown & Saenger
For: Media supplies

Amount: $23,058.61
To: City of Ankeny
For: Fingerpringing/fuel

Amount: $5,000
To: Mark J. Becker & Associates LLC
For: Service

Amount: $55.10
To: Carolina Biological Co.
For: Instructional supplies

Amount: $30.76
To: Federal Express
For: Postage

Amount: $1,000
To: Ankeny Economic Development Corp.
For: Dues

Amount: $2,699.91
To: Adventure Lighting
For: Maintenance services

Amount: $40
To: Midwest Computer Products Inc.
For: Tech supplies

Amount: $68.20
To: H B Leiserowitz
For: Textbooks/library books

Amount: $4,000
To: Des Moines Area Community College
For: Tuition

Amount: $8,179.23
To: InfoMax Office Systems
For: Print shop supplies/service

Amount: $71.43
To: The UPS Store
For: Postage

Amount: $1,186.38
To: Ryan Ridout
For: Travel reimbursement

Amount: $3,125
To: Transworld Systems
For: Service

Amount: $480.84
To: PTM Document Systems
For: Admin supplies

Amount: $1,465.37
To: Northwest Bank
For: Loan payment

Amount: $58.82
To: Staples Advantage
For: Instructional/maintenance supplies

Salaries and such

salary 1-14Name: Nancy Hill Cobb
Title: Associate Provost for Faculty
Department: University of Northern Iowa
Annual Salary: $146,000.04



The Des Moines City Council approved funding for travel expenses for Carrie Kruse, budget analyst, to visit Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from May 20-25. Kruse will attend the 2016 Government Finance Officers Association’s Annual Conference, which offers “technical sessions with comprehensive coverage of all the latest developments, trends and best practices in public finance and budgeting.” This comes at a cost of $2,988 to local taxpayers. CV

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