Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…


Paid on Dec. 21, 2015

Amount: $2,165
To: Damon Brown
For: Choreographer

Amount: $1,280.01
To: The Graphic Edge
For: Supplies

Amount: $2,263.88
To: Higgins Plaza Service
For: Repairs

Amount: $2,426.38
To: Corporate Credit
For: Supplies

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Amount: $285.19
To: Imaging Technologies
For: Copier charges

Amount: $3,272.06
To: Rivar’s Costume Show Apparel
For: Costume

Amount: $861.35
To: Contemporary Services Corp.
For: Event services

Amount: $2,067.20
To: Greater Iowa Credit Union
For: Withholdings

Amount: $62,639.26
To: Martin Brothers Distributing
For: Chemical

Amount: $210.75
To: West Music Company
For: Music

Amount: $694.40
To: Wells Fargo Corporate Card
For: Airfare

Amount: $21,379.28
To: Saxton Inc. Design Group
For: Supplies

Amount: $2,232.90
To: Premier Promotional Products
For: T-shirts

Amount: $228
To: MakeMusic Inc.
For: Subscription

Amount: $85
To: Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics
For: Registration

Amount: $907.20
To: American Bottling Co. (was Dr. Pepper)
For: Bottled water

Amount: $16,448.97
To: St. Pius X
For: Partner preschool

Salaries and such

CV 1.7.16Name: Max Rothschild
Title: Distinguished Professor of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Department: Iowa State University
Annual Salary: $206,258.04


The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding for Senior Police Officer Michael West to visit Long Beach, California, from April 2-6. West will attend the 2016 Lifesavers Conference, which will cover new procedures used by city, state and federal law enforcement agencies for traffic and alcohol enforcement. This comes at a cost of $2,037 to local taxpayers. CV

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