Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…


Paid in November

Amount: $1,969.64
To: Pitsco Inc.
For: General supplies

Amount: $13,826.10
To: Juicebox Interactive
For: Purchased services

Amount: $3,957.50
To: Ahlers & Cooney PC
For: Legal services

Amount: $1,475.92
To: The Des Moines Register
For: Purchased services


Amount: $193.61
To: Rieman Music
For: Equipment

Amount: $124
To: Mulch Mart LLC
For: General supplies

Amount: $1,100
To: Anne Chapman
For: Vocal music supplies

Amount: $1,999
To: C.H. McGuiness Co.
For: HVAC repairs

Amount: $840
To: Smith’s Sewer Service Inc.
For: Plumbing repairs

Amount: $14,286
To: Berg Audio & Video
For: Repair and maintenance

Amount: $3,122.93
To: Clive Water Department
For: Water/sewer

Amount: $448.65
To: Heartland AEA
For: Instructional supplies

Amount: $871.63
To: Gatehouse Media Iowa Holdings
For: Newspaper publications

Amount: $20
To: Jazz Educators of Iowa
For: Student entry fees

Amount: $509
To: Imaging Technologies
For: General supplies

Amount: $254.50
To: Automatic Door Group
For: Repair services

Amount: $1,370.99
To: Dick Blick Art Materials
For: Textbooks

salaries 12-17Salaries and such

Name: Phil Parker
Title: Defensive Coordinator
Department: University of Iowa
Annual Salary: $380,721.48


The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding for Mayor T.M. Franklin Cownie to visit Washington, D.C., from Jan. 19-24, 2016. Cownie will attend the 84th Annual Winter Meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the 2016 Mayors Innovation Project Winter Meeting. The two meetings will provide peer-to-peer exchange with other mayors on common problems and solutions, while also providing strategies and tools to address city issues in innovative and inclusive ways. The assemblies will give attendees and opportunity to engage directly with top officials in the administration and Congress on priorities of the city. This comes at a cost of $2,347.80 to local taxpayers. CV

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