Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…


Paid on Nov. 4

Amount: $123.90
To:  Surefire LLC (CA)
For: Batteries for rifle scopes

Amount: $85
To: Koch Brothers Inc.
For: Repair services

Amount: $92.12
To: Security Imaging Corporation (Washington)
For: Various products

Amount: $145
To: American Marking
For: City of Des Moines Municipal employee parking sign

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Amount: $1,723.31
To: Electronic Engineering
For: Various services

Amount: $30.52
To: CDW Government (Illinois)
For: Adapter for LIB

Amount: $56.50
To: Ice Cube Press
For: Books

Amount: $63.95
To: Logan Contractors Supply Inc.
For: Various products

Amount: $450
To: Iowa Title Company
For: Lot 1 in Fairfield, now included in the city of Des Moines

Amount: $79
To: Polk County Recorder
For: Various services

Amount: $350
To: BCC Real Estate Appraisal LLC
For: Appraisal review

Amount: $650
To:  Senior Police Officer Michael Bartak
For: Protective vest replacement

Amount: $6.57
To: Ingram Library Services (Missouri)
For: “Wilderness Survival” for the Des Moines Public Library

Amount: $189.87
To: Midwest Tape (Ohio)
For: Books

Amount: $25.92
To: Grainger
For: Various products

Amount: $76.49
To: G&L Clothing
For: Insulated Coveralls

Amount: $100
To: Jim Hawk Truck Trailers Inc.
For: Storage container monthly rental

Salaries and such

salary 11-19Name: Laurie Gutmann
Title: Clinical Professor of Neurology
Department: University of Iowa
Annual Salary: $162,061.69



The Des Moines City Council approved funding for Council Member Skip Moore to travel to Denver, Colorado, from Nov. 16-20. Moore attended the 2015 Partners in Community Forestry National Conference and ACTrees Day – Transcending Time Evolving Your Mission. The conference is the largest annual urban forestry gathering of its kind, and it consisted of collaboration and idea sharing geared toward helping to find new ways to strengthen community forests. It also assisted in learning best practices for gaining organizational sustainability in the 21st century and beyond. This came at a cost of $1,840.92 to local taxpayers. CV

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