Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…


Paid on July 9


Amount: $214.37
To: Office Max
For: Various supplies and copies

Amount: $22,752
To: Rubber Roofing Systems Inc.
For: Skywalk roof removal and replacement

Amount: $167.16
To: Menards
For: Treated wood, Deep Woods OFF!, I-100 auger

CNA - Substance Use (Sept 2023)CNA - Stop HIV/U=U (September #1)

Amount: $4,710
To: Alexander Chemical Corporation (Illinois)
For: Chlorine

Amount: $21
To: Des Moines Water Works
For: Water availability

Amount: $143.96
To: Gateway Market Catering
For: Food, beverage and room fees

Amount: $9.30
To: Home Depot
For: Two lids and two buckets

Amount: $213.06
To: Academy Roofing & Sheet Metal Co.
For: Repaired adhered EPDM roof

Amount: $2,800
To: Des Moines Radio Group
For: Tower lease

Amount: $81,258
To: Gatso USA (Massachusetts)
For: Red light and speed camera operation

Amount: $3,381.37
To: Kimco Facility Services LLC
For: Office and event cleaning

Amount: $886.50
To: Per Mar Security Services
For: Physical security officer

Amount: $304.95
To: Record Automatic Doors Inc.
For: Sliding door repair

Amount: $149.40
To: Supplyworks (Florida)
For: Towels, linen and toilet tissue


Salaries and such

Salary 7-23Name: Vaughn Noring
Title: Bank Bureau Chief
Department: Commerce Department
Annual Salary: $164,616.20






The Des Moines City Council approved travel funding for Nekesha Palmer, human relations specialist, to visit Washington, D.C., from July 25 to Aug. 1. Palmer will attend training at the National Fair Housing Academy, which will provide HUD required training on completing effective evaluation and investigation of disability, reasonable accommodation and reasonable modification complaints. She will learn how to examine and analyze testing evidence, explore the psychological impact of discrimination and understand the principles of the conciliation process. This comes at a cost of $3,439.63 to taxpayers. CV

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