Monday, August 8, 2022

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Paid on Jan. 13

Amount: $120.58
To: Ellison Educational Equipment Inc.
For: One 5.5-inch by 6-inch shield for the Des Moines Public Library

Amount: $747.18
To: Construction & Aggregate Products Inc.
For: One semi-trash pump, 25 PVC suction hoses, two alum couplers and adapters and eight preform clamps for the City of Des Moines Waste Water

Amount: $133,020.30
To: Hubbell Realty Company
For: An installment of the Economic Development Grant

Amount: $2,845.50
To: Best HCE
For: Various parts and services

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Amount: $2,524.98
To: Iowa Community Action Association
For: Quarterly agency dues for the Des Moines Community Action Agency

Amount: $107.38
To: Tritech Forensics (North Carolina)
For: 15 blood specimen collection kit

Amount: $65
To: Capital Decorating
For: Installation of a roller shade

Amount: $272
To: Institute of Transportation Engineers
For: 2015 annual membership dues for Jennifer Bohac

Amount: $340,000
To: Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART)
For: Levy buydown

Amount: $203.20
To: Interstate All Battery Center
For: Four lithium 10-packs

Amount: $59.35
To: OfficeMax (Kansas)
For: Five yearly wall calendars

Amount: $885
To: Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
For: Registrations for Jason Noble, Lucas Wilson and Chris Latcham

Amount: $339.98
To: Bass Pro Shops (Missouri)
For: Bibs and a jacket for Sergeant Chris Mahlstadt

Amount: $527.50
To: Mail Services
For: Dog and cat license insert

salariesSalaries and Such
Name: Julia Goodin
Title: State Medical Examiner
Department: Department of Public Health
Annual Salary: $274,220.60



The Des Moines City Council approved travel expenses for Detective Curt Accola to visit Kansas City, Missouri from March 15-20. He will attend the death and homicide training seminar offered through the Public Agency Training Council, which will provide instruction on cold case homicides and the three phases of homicide investigation: crime scene, follow up and courtroom presentation. The focus of the training will be on the importance of homicide crime scene reconstruction through the use of blood pattern analysis, the application of DNA to homicide and death scene investigations and serial murder investigation. This comes at a cost of $1,344 to taxpayers. CV

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