Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… the City of Des Moines


Amount: $59.60

To: American Library Association

For: Movie and book posters for Des Moines Public Library

Amount: $4,995

To: ABM Parking Services

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

For: Reimbursement for parking at various streets for the month of September

Amount: $24.50

To: Farm and City Supply

For: Court Avenue bridge damage

Amount: $82

To: Des Moines Lock Service

For: Six padlocks and one gear keeper

Amount: $110

To: Jim’s Johns Inc.

For: Two portable units and one handicapped unit

Amount: $864

To: Nite Owl Printing

For: 2,500 Orange Calendar Stickers

Amount: $983.01

To: Delta Foremost Chemical Corp. (Tennessee)

For: Various products including a foamy concrete remover and all-purpose sprayer

Amount: $275.70

To: Palmer’s Deli and Market

For: 30 traditional box meals

Amount: $250

To: Nite Owl Printing

For: 800-count 2015 GRASP Cards

Amount: $100

To: Spotlight Entertainment

For: Flag Football Superbowl Announcing/Entertainment

Amount: $43.38

To: Gaybar (Illinois)

For: General Electric lighting

Amount: $41.90

To: OfficeMax (Illinois)

For: One 32 gb pinstripe USB drive

Amount: $306.27

To: Baker and Taylor

For: 34 books for the Des Moines Public Library

Amount: $151.02

To: Midwest Tape (Ohio)

For: Six “Edge of Tomorrow,” one “Sleeping Beauty” and one “Transformers Prime: Ultimate Autobots” DVDs for the Des Moines Public Library

salaries 10-30Salaries and such

Name: Kirk Lee Fridrich

Title: Professor of Oral Surgery

Department: University of Iowa

Annual Salary: $664,318


The Des Moines City Council approved travel expenses for T.M. Franklin Cownie ($1,714.85 and $927), mayor, to visit Little Rock, Arkansas, from Oct. 7-11, to participate as a panelist at the Unites State Conference of Mayors Ports/Exports and Imports and to New Orleans, Louisiana, from Oct. 21-23, to join the panel at Greenbuild International Conference through the United States Green Building Council. Greg Morse ($4,962), senior police officer, was approved for travel to St. Paul, Minnesota, from Oct. 26-31, to attend a five-day training course presented by Cellebrite. CV

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