Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Paid for by taxpayers in… Polk County


Amount: $608.85

To: Nationwide Insurance

For: A settlement to John Locke, who was driving under a pedestrian overpass on S.W. Ninth Street and Park Avenue when a piece of concrete fell off the overpass and broke the windshield of his car

Amount: $2,028.53

To: Travelers 13607 Collections (Illinois)


For: A motor vehicle accident involving the Department of Public Works in January in which a snow plow rear-ended another vehicle

Amount: $195.78

To: Travelers 13607 Collections (Illinois)

For: A motor vehicle accident in March involving a snowplow that slid through a stop sign and struck another vehicle

Amount: $2,542.66

To: State Farm (Illinois)

For: A claim settlement involving an officer who noticed a traffic violation and attempted a U-turn to follow the violator, but failed to notice oncoming traffic and struck the vehicle of Gary Sapp nearly head-on

Amount: $6,250

To: H&H Plumbing Inc.

For: Pricing to replace broken wye for 7302 S.W. 16th St. and the permits for repairs

Amount: $150

To: Iowa State University

For: Iowa Professional Flagger and Work Zone training workshop presented on June 19 in Des Moines

Amount: $200

To: Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities

For: A Fall Protection and Confined Space Class on March 27

Amount: $37.44

To: Grainger

For: Three different fuses for the Des Moines Fire Department

Amount: $696.27

To: Rockmount Research & Alloys Inc.

For: Various parts for the Des Moines Fire Department Maintenance

Amount: $102.49

To: Mistral Security (Maryland)

For: Special paper for the Narcotics branch of the Des Moines Police Department

Amount: $189.99

To: Bass Pro Shops (Missouri)

For: One GPS unit shipped to the City of Des Moines

Amount: $1,545

To: ATW Training & Consulting Inc.

For: A leadership change management seminar for up to 30 participants on April 2 along with additional charges for extra participants

Salaries 7-31Salaries and such

Name: Anumantha Kanthasamy

Title: Distinguished Professor and Chair of Biomedical Sciences

Department: Iowa State University

Annual Salary: $301,929.30


The Des Moines City Council recently approved the funding of travel expenses for Sergeant Kenneth Brown to attend a conference in Los Angeles from Aug. 10-17. The 42nd Annual National Education and Training Conference, sponsored by the National Black Police Association, will provide several educational workshops as well as an opportunity to network with other officers. This networking could provide help in the recruitment and retention of viable officers. Travel expenses come at a cost of $2,415.68 to taxpayers. CV

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