Saturday, January 29, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines.


Amount: $959.65

To: Carpenter Uniform Co

For: Des Moines Police Department uniforms including trousers, shirts and various jackets.


Amount: $68.81



For: Two 18” x 12” aluminum signs with text “RIVERWALK RULES” purchased by the Des Moines Park and Recreation Department.


Amount: $376.67

To: Midwest Janitorial Service

For: Monthly janitorial services for the month of May at the City of Des Moines Community Action Agency.


Amount: $289.14

To: OfficeMax

For: Purchase of a porcelain dry erase board.


Amount: $46,943

To: Southern Meadows Homes, LP

For: Rental new construction at 2800 SE 8th St.


Amount: $300.91


For: Thirteen different layouts of 10” x 5” aluminum signs with rounded corners and text “Crivaro Disc Golf.”


Amount: $258

To: A-D Distributing Co., Inc.

For: One U.S. nylon flag and 500 feet of poly rope purchased by City of Des Moines Parks Department.


Amount: $900

To: Tyco SimplexGrinnell

For: Purchase of one fire alarm and labor for the Des Moines Fire Department Training.


Amount: $1,515

To: ATW Training & Consulting, Inc.

For: A leadership activity delivered by Rachel Spyksma on May 8 for up to 30 participants, with an extra fee for additional participant charge.


Amount: $620.28

To: MSC Industrial Supply Co.

For: Various parts purchased by the City of Des Moines Wastewater Reclamation Facility


Amount: $967.50

To: United Seeds, Inc. (Nebraska)

For: 350 pounds of super turf mixture and 150 pounds of lawn care mixture.


Amount: $217,639.53

To: Ampco System Parking

For: Parking reimbursement for the month of April for 3rd and Court, 4th and Grand, 5th and Keo, 5th and Walnut, 8th and Mulberry, 9th and Locust, 7th and Grand, 7th and Center Park and Ride.


Amount: $206.84

To: AmSan (Florida)

For: Purchase of bath tissue and antibacterial foam soap by the Des Moines Public Library.


Amount: $46.45

To: Brodart Co. (Pennsylvania)

For: Purchase of a radio communications handbook by the Des Moines Public Library. CV

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