Monday, September 27, 2021

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines.


Amount: $2,600

To: J. Narcisse Enterprises

For: Purchase of half a year of advertising in “Iowa Bystander” for the Human Rights Department.


Amount: $5,714

Prep Iowa

To: Sgt. Kirk Bagby, Sgt. Aaron Nord or Lt. Chris Hardy of the Police Department

For: Reimbursement express check issued in order to quickly replenish the DMPD’s narcotics fund.


Amount: $870

To: Night Owl Printing

For: Cost to have 21,000 tournament parking passes printed.


Amount: $3,162

To: The Iowa Clinic

For: Cost of health tests for the city firefighters, most of which were $115-per-unit fees for treadmill use.


Amount: $315

To: Golf Cars of Iowa

For: Rental fees for the Parks Department to use three golf cars from April 4-6.


Amount: $8,000

To: Holland & Knight (Florida)

For: Fees paid for professional federal legislative consultation services.


Amount: $74.23

To: The Conley Group Inc.

For: Purchase of caution tap, painter’s tape, padlocks and chains used on the skywalk after the Younkers Building fire.


Amount: $97,389.05

To: Jenco Construction Inc.

For: Partial payment for the Grand Avenue Bridge over Walnut Creek project. The City still has a $572,287.26 amount owed and about $3 million paid to date under the revised contract.


Amount: $214,889.84

To: Brian Clark and Associates

For: Payment for the Walnut Streetscape Renovation project with $206,744.01 still outstanding.


Amount: $60,655.33

To: Kirkham Michael Consulting

For: Payment for the Southeast Connector project with $2,919.21 still remaining outstanding.


Amount: $533.53

To: Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest

For: Payment for services fixing lighting issues at the Franklin Library, including $32.17 in materials and $501.36 in labor charges for an eight-hour job.


Amount: $650

To: Digital Matters Productions

For: Payment for services offering a 30-minute showing of “City Talk — Special Edition,” on about the Emerald AshBorer.


salary 5.8Salaries and such

Name: Alex Murphy

Title: Information Specialist 2

Department: Iowa Department of Public Safety Office of the Commissioner

Annual salary: $42,848

Term of service: Hired in April 2014



The Des Moines City Council recently approved Senior Police Officers Sone Cam and Nick Lloyd and to travel to Cincinnati, Ohio, from May 5-10, at a cost of $2,000 per person, to attend training sponsored by the National Highway Institute that is said to allow each attendee to become certified bridge inspectors under criteria set forth by the National Bridge Inspection Standards. CV

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