Friday, August 12, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Iowa


Amount: $1,200

To: McDonald’s

For: Salt packets to cover local roads following the depletion of the city of Des Moines’ salt stock.


Amount: $1,593.22

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Fred Hoiberg

For: Purchase of a life-sized, hand-painted self portrait cardboard cut-out of the Iowa State Men’s Basketball coach to be displayed at the Iowa Heritage Agency.


Amount: $450

To: Hippie Bill’s Peace Pipes and Hookahs

For: Purchase of supplies for the state’s Cannabis Reform Commission for medical trials in order to report the results to a special reform committee in next year’s General Assembly.


Amount: $925

To: The Blazing Saddle

For: Rental fees for special “Leather Night” event for top Iowa officials, including keynote speaker Gov. Terry Branstad.


Amount: $1,812.62

To: Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

For: A 2:32 a.m. purchase of beer platters, sample appetizer platters, burgers and desserts following the closing of the General Assembly.


Amount: $400 (including deposit)

To: Metro Spirits and Gifts

For: Purchase of four kegs plus tappers delivered to the State Capitol for the annual Senate spring break festivities.


Amount: $23,543.89

To: Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

For: Payment of annual exemption fees to ensure Iowa State Patrol has reigning authority over the sale, delivery, purchase, search and/or seizure of residents’ firearms.


Amount: $1,500

To: Senior Better Living Inc. (Arizona)

For: Purchase of six cases of skin lubricant, two boxes of tennis balls, two state-of-the-art hearing aids, a titanium bed pan and Like New Glu comb-over hair gel, plus $22.52 in shipping fees, signed for by Sen. Chuck Grassley’s staff.


Amount: $2,115

To: Puppy Love At First Bite LLC (Texas)

For: Annual membership fees paid for the Information Technology Department staff, as per their employee contracts.


Amount: $600

To: Gannett Inc.

For: Payroll as incentive for the staff of The Des Moines Register to gather their own story leads.


SalarySalaries and such

Name: Samantha Goudie

Title: Public Relations manager

Department: University of Iowa administrative department

Annual salary: $21,002.06, plus paid cell phone, graduate school tuition and meals

Years held position: Starts on July 1, 2014



The State of Iowa recently approved its seven-member staff, and their spouses, in the Iowa Public Health and Stress Prevention Department to travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, from April 18 – May 23, to attend the annual Inner Peace Meditation and Yoga Convention. The convention promises to relax attendees through ancient massage and meditation techniques that date back to the Mayans, as well as attend smoke and solvent sessions where guests discover the medicinal value of certain plants and their byproducts. This comes at a $230,420 cost to taxpayers of this state. APRIL FOOLS!

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