Friday, August 12, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… West Des Moines.


Amount: $260.58

To: William L. Laidlaw Jr.

For: Payment for services repairing residents’ mailboxes on Jan. 3, 13 and 14 for a total of six labor hours at $43.43 per hour.


Amount: $116

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Lee’s Standard

For: Cost to wash the police cars for the month of December.


Amount: $2,405

To: Larry’s Window Service Inc.

For: Payment for window-cleaning services, inside and out, at the library in August.


Amount: $389.75

To: Praxair (Illinois)

For: Purchase of oxygen for emergency management services, including a $14 energy and fuel charge, a $9.95 hazardous material charge and a $30 delivery charge.


Amount: $648.45

To: Per Mar Security

For: Payment for services patrolling Raccoon River Park (40 stops in 20-day time-period at $7.50 each) plus the installation of a burglar alarm system a the Nature Lodge, 2500 Grand Ave. (commercial outright sale of $199 and $73.45 for security/monitoring from Dec. 4 to Jan. 31).


Amount: $13,667.55

To: Mike Finestead – Finestead Enterprises LLC

For: Payment for contracted work including a bathroom remodel ($4,657.50 in Dallas Center), drywall installation and bathroom repairs ($3,412.82 in Dallas Center), window and door replacements ($3,450 in Bouton) and general home improvement repairs ($7,773.37 in Minburn) through Community and Economic Development.


Amount: $820.50

To: First Bank

For: Payment for the Senior Citizens animal licensing discount fund.


Amount: $774.50

To: Florist Distributing Inc.

For: Purchase of 40 bundles (10 per bundle) of spruce tips at $16.50 per bundle.


Amount: $15,000

To: Frontline Consulting LLC

For: Payment for 100 block hours of consultation services ($150 per hour).


Amount: $259.63

To: Capital Sanitary Supply Company Inc.

For: Purchase of two-ply Angel Soft toilet paper for Public Works, December-January.


Amount: $192.50

To: Competitive Edge

For: Purchase of custom-insulated polyester cozies for the police department.


SalarySalaries and Such

Name: Francis Owusu

Title: Interim Chair, Community and Regional Planning Professor

Department: Iowa State University Community and Regional Planning Department

Annual salary: $86,307.77



The Des Moines City Council recently approved senior police officer Lorna Garcia to travel to San Antonio, Texas, from May 18-23, to attend Crisis Intervention Team training sponsored by the San Antonio Police Department. The course promises to provide police officers with information, education and strategies to better address issues involving people with mental illness. The travel expense come with a $1,560 price tag to local taxpayers.CV

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