Monday, January 24, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines


Amount: $4,424.31

To: ABM Janitorial Services (Illinois)

For: Payment for janitorial services at the community centers for the month of December.


Amount: $163.96


To: BSN Sports (Texas)

For: Purchase of four Spalding Legacy basketballs at $40.99 per ball.


Amount: $230

To: Des Moines Rental Events and Equipment

For: Rental fees for the use of 230 chairs for a Public Works snow meeting on Oct. 8.


Amount: $313

To: Des Moines Rental Events and Equipment

For: Fees for renting a popcorn machine, snow cone machine and accessories from Oct. 4-7 for the Public Works Department.


Amount: $5,670

To: Evanced Solutions LLC (Indianapolis)

For: Payment for a one-year subscription renewal of Events software, Room Reserve software and maintenance for Online Pay software for the period of Feb. 1 through Jan. 31, 2015, for the library.


Amount: $128.96

To: Gateway Market Catering

For: Cost of coffee ($44.98) and ultimate pastry platters ($73.98), plus a $10 standard delivery charge for the Dec. 10 City of Des Moines Botanical Center Breakfast.


Amount: $116.40

To: J.W. Perry Inc.

For: Purchase of five 36-inch easels for the Parks Department.


Amount: $19,194.56

To: Metro Waste Authority

For: Payment for construction and demolition services for the Southeast Connector project, from Southeast Ninth Street to Southeast 30th Street Dec. 12-13.


Amount: $57,280.67

To: Office of Elections

For: Cost of printing ballots ($15,806.17), producing legal publications ($1,142.87), supplying voting machines ($3,712.50), polling precinct rental fees ($3,660), mileage reimbursements ($1,113.96), postage ($2,684.68), telephone/modem use ($2,591.93), election supplies ($2,475) and payroll ($24,093.57).


Amount: $990

To: Polk County Recorder

For: Fees for condemnation applications.


salary010214Salaries and Such

Name: Dirk Deam

Title: Senior Lecturer

Department: Iowa State University College of Liberal Arts and Science Department of Political Science

Annual salary: $82,317.46



The Des Moines City Council recently approved vice narcotics investigator Brady Carney, of the Police Department, to travel to Nashville, Tenn., from Jan. 12-18, to attend a Cartel and Financial Investigations training course offered by Law Enforcement Training Association Inc. The training promises top-notch instructors and instructional blocks on paralleling financial investigations with criminal investigations pertaining to illegal narcotics. The main focus of the seminar is to combat Mexico-based cartels and drug-trafficking organizations operating within the Des Moines area. This travel expense will cost local taxpayers $1,558. CV

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