Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines Public Schools


Amount: $53.72

To: Achievement Products For Special Needs

For: Purchase of 25 crossover pencil grips, including $10.77 in shipping fees.


Amount: $268.44

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa (Nov)

To: Ackley Appliance Service

For: Payment for repair work at Walker Street.


Amount: $1,500.25

To: Ames Community Schools

For: Payment for open enrolled students for the first quarter.


Amount: $2,523.60

To: AmSan Nogg Chemical and Paper (Nebraska)

For: Purchase of one-ply toilet paper.


Amount: $2,544.12

To: Ankeny Community Schools

For: Tuition-out charges for 2013-14.


Amount: $2,578

To: B and H Photo Video

For: Purchase of Canon hi-def flash camcorder.


Amount: $830

To: Berg Audio and Video

For: Purchase of additional cabling at Hoyt Middle School.


Amount: $291

To: Better Binding Service

For: Payment for parts and labor to fix a heater problem, including $125 for the labor (service call).


Amount: $120

To: Blaines Screen Printing

For: Purchase of T-shirts for the chorus.


Amount: $1,973.72

To: Boys Town Press

For: Tuition-out charges for September.


Amount: $91.25

To: Brown and Saenger

For: Purchase of holiday green construction paper.


Amount: $3,550

To: City of Des Moines

For: Fees for false fire alarms at $100 to $150 for each call.


SalarySalaries and Such

Name: Sandra Oberbroeckling

Title: Program Coordinator

Department: Iowa State University Landscape Architecture

Years of service: 13

Annual salary: $56,026



The Des Moines City Council recently approved Sgt. Scott Dreyer and Senior Police Officer Jeff Cronin, to travel to San Diego, Calif., from Jan. 26- Feb. 1, to attend the 28th Annual San Diego Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment. The conference promises to educate them on child fatality investigations, provide training on abusive head trauma, which is said to be the latest in child brain research and impact of toxic stress, with an overall emphasis on infant and early childhood topics. This comes at a cost of $1,930 per employee, but the Iowa Regional Child Protection Center has agreed to reimburse half the estimated cost of the trip. CV

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