Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines


Amount: $68.64

To: Doors Inc.

For: Purchase of six double toilet paper dispensers installed at Saers Park.


Amount: $174,932.03

To: Ampco System Parking

For: Reimbursement payment for the month of September for downtown parking garages.


Amount: $12,605.56

To: Edwards

For: Postage cost for the Fall 2013 newsletter to mail at a saturation rate of 1.158 cents each (79,782 total).


Amount: $987.50

To: Golden Valley Hardscapes LLC (Illinois)

For: Purchase of playground mulch for the Riverwalk Dog Park, 1111 Illinois St.


Amount: $480

To: KFL Inc.

For: Payment for boarding up damaged properties through the Neighborhood Inspection Division including an overhead garage door on East 35th Street ($240), a basement window at East Emma Avenue ($48) and four windows at 73rd Place.


Amount: $360

To: Karl Chevrolet

For: Cost of labor to apply vinyl wrap to the hood of two patrol cars.


Amount: $197.90

To: LexisNexis (Pennsylvania)

For: Payment for services including 43 people searches, 305 advanced people searches, 27 next steps relatives searches, one business search, one property search and one people at work search for the Neighborhood Inspection Division.


Amount: $1,751.04

To: Tempworks Management Services Inc. (Minnesota)

For: Four temporary employee payroll payments for landscaping work at $13.68 per hour.


Amount: $977.50

To: Adventure Diving Inc.

For: Purchase of safety and protective gear for the police department.


Amount: $121.65

To: AmSan (Florida)

For: Purchase of Renown GS toilet tissue for the fire station.


Amount: $635.01

To: Employees James C. Chadwick and Cody P. Grimes

For: Over-time payments for working at the airport during the Des Moines Marathon (14 hours total between both employees on three different dates, Oct. 19, 20 and 26.)


salarySalaries and Such

Name: Jim Trenberth

Title: Lighting designer and production manager

Department:  Iowa State University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Theatre

Years of service: 20

Annual salary: $46,032



The Des Moines City Council recently approved assistant to the city manager, Laura Graham, to travel to to Seattle, Wash., from Nov. 12-16, to attend the 2013 National League of Cities Congress of Cities, where she will be a speaker. The conference is said to also provide access to an abundance of educational, information sharing and networking tools to help Graham better manage local government. This travel expense comes with a $1,371.72 price tag to local taxpayers. CV

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