Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… West Des Moines.


Amount: $990

To: Des Moines Area Community College

For: Purchase of 120 Color Workshop books for the Youth Justice Initiative Family Classes at $8.25 a piece.


Amount: $70,408

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: GBA Systems Integrators Inc. (Kansas)

For: Payment for professional networking services provided between Aug. 31 and Sept. 27, including plant protection during cable restorations and re-label fiber panel installations at Westown Parkway, troubleshooting and network testing after power outages, modification of root bridge on 60th and E.P. True Parkway and troubleshooting the network latency and video system. Labor charges for this work were at a rate of $130 per hour.


Amount: $40

To: Kelly Griffith (WDM Police Department)

For: Reimbursement payment for annual gun inspection fees at Scheels All Sports Gunsmiths and Custom Gun Builders on Oct. 2.


Amount: $2,542.50

To: Kaldenberg’s PBS Landscaping

For: Payment for lawn care services remedying nuisance abatements at 5821 Woodland, 120 Second St., 613 19th St., 517 Valhigh and 3924 Pommel Place.


Amount: $28,613.96

To: Keck Inc.

For: Purchase of fuel including an extension of $10,197.20 for 87E10 and $12,265.73 for 2 Diesel Dyed for Public Works and an extension of $4,883.76 for 87E10 fuel for the Parks Department.


Amount: $109.18

To: Kinetico Water

For: Payment for services at the library, including $69 for one hour of travel and $68 for 30 minutes of labor.


Amount: $206.82

To: Phil Sargent

For: Payment for expenses while facilitating the West Des Moines Police Department Mock event Oct. 13-16, including 324 miles traveled roundtrip from Muscatine at a rate of .565 cents per mile ($183.06) and meals ($23.76).


Amount: $140.68

To: Greg Sparks, city manager

For: Reimbursement payment for mileage to Minneapolis, Minn., (249 miles one way at .565 cents per mile, to the airport on Sept. 22.


Amount: $40,496.48

To: Stivers Ford

For: Purchase of a white, four-wheel drive 2014 Ford Explorer.


Amount: $2,588.32

To: West Bank

For: Payment to replenish the human services account, which is used for financial aid for water, energy and rent bills for those eligible.


Salary 110713Salaries and Such

Name: Janice Baker

Title: Assistant Professor in Dance

Department: Iowa State University College of Human Sciences Kinesiology Department

Annual salary: $54,893



The Des Moines City Council recently approved Sgt. Steve Woody to travel to Las Vegas, Nev., from Dec. 1-6, to attend an Internal Affairs Conference sponsored by the Public Agency Training Council. The conference promises to provide training in investigating citizen complaints, administrative reviews, court decisions and legal updates in the internal affairs arena. This comes at a total cost of $1,552.75 to local taxpayers. CV

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