Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Polk County


Amount: $360.90

To: Acme Signs

For: Payment for repairs to the police graphics, including reflective stripes and an American flag, on a Sheriff’s Explorer at $65 per hour.


Amount: $3,391

CNA - Stop HIV/U=U (September #1)CNA - Substance Use (Sept 2023)

To: Ahlers and Cooney PC

For: Payment for legal services regarding IEC v. Populous Inc. through Sept. 19.


Amount: $502

To: AlcoPro Inc. (Tennessee)

For: Purchase of an alcohol sensor for the jail, including a $13 freight charge.


Amount: $2,120

To: Animal Rescue League

For: Payment for intake of animals through the month of August, including 27 cats/kittens, 23 dogs and two birds.


Amount: $4,920

To: B and G Construction

For: Payment for lead remediation program work to 2753 Aurora Ave.


Amount: $42,701

To: Bridgestone/Firestone

For: Payment of Iowa Department of Transportation/Department of Natural Resources Planting Program funds to make right-of-way enhancements to Iowa Highway 415 (Northwest Second Street) along the frontage of Bridgestone, 4600 N.W. Second St.


Amount: $2,477

To: Broadlawns Medical Center

For: Payment for morgue services for August.


Amount: $594.79

To: C.H. McGuiness Co. Inc.

For: Payment for repair and maintenance services at the new Polk County Jail — Hartford Steam Boiler’s inspection fees following recent repairs on both broilers.


Amount: $30,700

To: Ralph N. Smith Inc.

For: Payment for service installing carpet in the courthouse.


Amount: $4,062.50

To: Carlos Alarcon, M.D.

For: Payment for services to the health department including four units of on-call work at $500 per unit, 9.5 hours of green card paperwork/chart review work at $125 per hour and a one-hour meeting with legislators at $125 per hour in September.


Amount: $4,412.10

To: Iowa Des Moines Supply Inc.

For: Purchase of paper towels.


Amount: $13,374.26

To: Racom Corporation

For: Payment for radio services for jail administration, patrol and detectives.


Salary 101713Salaries and Such

Name: Mark Wandro

Title: Polk County Administrator

Department: Polk County Administration

Years of service: Newly hired by Polk County Board of Supervisors with a Nov. 4 start date

Annual salary: $185,000



The Des Moines City Council recently approved senior police officers Alex Andersen and James Entrekin to travel to Huntsville, Ala., from Oct. 5-Nov. 16, to obtain basic Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) hazardous devices technician certification by attending a six-week course. Graduates are prepared for entry-level explosive ordnance disposal operations related to the detection, diagnosis and disposal of improvised hazardous devices, evidence collection, post-blast reconstruction and chemical-, biological-, radiological-, nuclear- and explosive-related operations. This comes at an expense of $5,634.40 and $6,134.40 respectively ($11,768.40 total) to local taxpayers. CV

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