Friday, August 12, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in…City of Des Moines


Amount: $1,650

To: The CTK Group

For: Payment for registration for Interview and Interrogation held at the police academy.


Amount: $211.25 

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Embassy Club

For: Payment for refund on balance of Class C liquor license for the Embassy Club.


Amount: $455.70

To: JWB Marketing LLC. 

For: Purchase of “Away with Geese” light, eagle kit, a fiberglass pole and a pole arm to deter wild fowl from roosting at the cemetery pond, including $12.80 for shipping.


Amount: $114.48

To: Lithia Body and Paint

For: Payment of a claim that a Traffic and Transportation worker backed into the claimant’s van.


Amount: $1,000 

To: Mark McCaune and Nancy McCaune

For: Payment for a claim that Officer Jeff Gowen rear-ended the claimant in his personal vehicle. He is also claiming a neck injury.


Amount: $2,600

To: Progressive Insurance Company

For: Claimant purchased what he and the Police Property Management Division thought was a 2003 Jeep at city auction for $2,600. He tried to register the vehicle, and it was discovered that the vehicle was a stolen 2007 Jeep that Progressive Insurance had paid approximately $10,650 to its insured client after its theft in Chicago.


Amount: $116 

To: Security Locksmiths

For: Payment for locksmith services at the Des Moines Police Academy.


Amount: $1,510.50

To: Shuck-Britson Inc. 

For: Payment for a foundation review at the Residence Inn and the parking ramp.


Amount: $650 

To: Mike Stueckrath

For: Purchase of a protective vest for the police department.


Amount: $12,150

To: Applied Ecological Services, Inc.

For: Payment for consulting services for Indianola Avenue and Ewing Park.


Amount: $420.35

To: Commercial Bag and Supply

For: Purchase of lab supplies, including 33-foot engineering tape measure and a 48-foot electronic level.


Amount: $1,193.96

To: Crescent Electric Supply 

For: Purchase of a fixture for Brenton Skating Plaza.


Salaries and Such

Name: Bill Fennelly

Title: Iowa State University Women’s Basketball Head Coach

Department: Athetics 

Years served: Since 1995

Annual salary: $585,000



The Des Moines City Council recently approved Mayor T. M. Franklin Cownie, to travel to Washington, D.C., from Dec. 2 – 5, to attend the 2012 Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities Grantees convening at the request of the Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization. The MPO will pay the cost of the flight and cost of the hotel for this trip. The city has priced this expense at $436. CV

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