Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… West Des Moines


Amount: $900

To: Arrow State Lines

For: Rental of bus for Iowa City bus trip.


Amount: $1,112.60

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: Awards Program Services Inc.

For: Purchase of softball and kickball trophies.


Amount: $1,000

To: The Cutting Edge

For: Rental of tractor and seeder.


Amount: $1,012.52

To: CDW Government Inc.

For: Purchase of Panasonic H1 Tablet and adapter.


Amount: $1,115

To: Crash Data Group

For: Payment to retrieve stats from Crash Database.


Amount: $197.50

To: Custom Awards

For: Purchase of plaques and nameplates.


Amount: $199.20

To: Des Moines Asphalt and Paving

For: Purchase of asphalt for an asphalt athletic track.


Amount: $1,656.75

To: The Des Moines Register

For: Purchase of Minute Publication and recruitment ads.


Amount: $35

To: The Dallas County News Inc.

For: Subscription renewal fees through October 2013.


Amount: $77.84

To: Entenmann Rovin-Co.

For: Purchase of Chief badge for the police department.


Amount: $215.76

To: Earl May Seed and Nursery

For: Purchase of peat moss for the fire department.


Amount: $311.12

To: Feld Fire

For: Purchase of a hose tester and truck handle for the fire department.


Salaries and Such

Name: Fran McCaffery

Title: University of Iowa Men’s Basketball Coach

Department: University of Iowa Athletics

Years served: Since 2010

Annual salary: $1.3 million



The Des Moines City Council recently approved Housing Services director Douglas Romig to travel to Nashville, Tenn., from Oct. 26 – 30 to attend the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials National Conference. The conference is said to provide educational sessions and national networking, looking at best practices within the public housing sector. This trip and training comes at a cost of $2,016 to local tax payers.CV

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