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Rap Sheet – September 20, 2012


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3 4
5 6

Name that crime

Sept. 6 – 13
A. Operating while intoxicated, second offense; four counts of failure to appear.

B. Possession of marijuana; manufacturing marijuana; failure to affix drug tax stamp.

C. Domestic abuse assault with injury; arrest without warrant.

D. Domestic abuse assault, third or subsequent offense; three counts of first-degree harassment; contempt of court.

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E. Third-degree criminal mischief.

F. Operating while intoxicated, third or subsequent offense; open container; eluding or attempting to elude (OWI or drug violation); failure to appear.

Answers for Name That Crime: 1)E 2)F 3)C 4)B 5)D 6)A

On the clock

Des Moines Police

Sept. 6 – 12


Officers were called to the 6700 block of Southwest 14th Street just before 3:30 a.m. on Sept. 10 regarding a man dragging miscellaneous items out of a garage. When they arrived, they found the man sitting on the ground in front of the garage in a puddle of his own urine. The cops had trouble communicating with him “due to his intoxication and anger toward officers.” He was arrested for public intoxication and burglary. Police spoke with the residents of the house who were home at the time and witnessed his behavior.


A resident at Bethel Mission told police he had gotten into a man’s vehicle to go drink beer with him around noon on Sept. 11. After they got to the alleged suspect’s house, they started arguing, and the suspect reportedly pulled knives and swords on the homeless man. The victim eventually escaped the situation and left to call police. He told police that he was held against his will and was robbed of at least $20. He accused the suspect of creating these ruses in order to rob people. Police investigated, but the story was too “scattered.” No suspects were named.


Police responded to a complaint on Sept. 9 of a disturbance at 4th Down Sports Bar, where the bar manager alleged he had denied a patron service and had asked him to leave. The unruly patron refused to leave and said, “Get the fuck away, or I’ll kick your ass.” As officers approached and asked the patron for his ID he began to walk away. Officers grabbed his wrist so the patron turned and allegedly tried to punch the officer. The cops pushed the man to the ground and, after a struggle, managed to handcuff the man. The suspect refused a breath test. He was arrested. CV

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