Monday, September 27, 2021

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Blood, Annie Lennox and crack: a conversation with GWAR


GWAR has been doing whatever it is they do for more than 30 years now. Known for a stage show that is full of blood, bodily fluids and plenty of fanboy sacrifice, the band of intergalactic misfits have developed a devoted following around the globe.

GWAR plays Wooly’s on Thursday, Aug. 27 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $25.

GWAR plays Wooly’s on Thursday, Aug. 27 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $25.

Most costumed acts at least try to operate under a veil of mystery. Not so with GWAR. Instead, the band has always been very upfront about what they came to Earth for: Crack, loud music and the complete annihilation of the human race. Cityview got a chance to sit down with GWAR bassist Beefcake the Mighty for an intimate chat in advance of the band’s upcoming show at Wooly’s.

CV: Thanks for chatting with me, Beefcake.

Beefcake The Mighty: The pleasure is all yours.

Prep Iowa

CV: GWAR has been nominated for two Grammy Awards. Are you proud of that? Or do you find it funny?

BtM: Those are Earth’s accolades. Earthlings worship us. They have to do something for us. They grovel at our feet.

CV: But you didn’t win. You lost one to Annie Lennox.

BtM: As far as Earthlings go, Annie Lennox is pretty intimidating. We’re OK with it.

CV: The band has had a lot of lineup changes over the years. What is the process like for breaking in a new bandmate?

BtM: Usually we just put it in the microwave. There are many, many, many GWAR members in our Antarctic base, and when we need a new one, we just thaw one out and give it an instrument.

CV: Speaking of instruments, there are people in the world who say the bassist doesn’t matter. What would you say to them?

BtM: I would probably destroy that person and beat them with the bass. Let’s see if it matters then.

CV: GWAR has played music festivals with the likes of Phish and Stevie Wonder…

BtM: I think we should be on EVERY festival. We are the greatest band in the universe.

CV: But it doesn’t seem like there would be a lot of fan crossover there.

BtM: Everyone is a GWAR fan. Some of them just don’t know it yet.

CV: What about the GWAR stage show? Has it changed much during the band’s three decades on earth?

BtM: I don’t think it’s changed that much. It’s always about destroying. It’s about death. It’s about worshiping GWAR. We’re always going to kill you, we’re always going to spray blood, we’re always going to fry you up and eat you. You know. The classics.

CV: Your first album came out in 1988, which technically makes GWAR eligible for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Do you think you belong there?

BtM: No. Because that place is ridiculous. Have you seen the bands that are in there? We don’t want to be in a place with bands like that. We’re better off.

CV: Finally, do you see a time when GWAR gives up on human destruction and goes back home?

BtM: We tried that many times, and we’ve always failed. We go out there, only to find ourselves back on Earth. You’re so much fun to kill. I think we’ll be here for a long, long time. Besides, the crack is too good to leave. CV

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