Monday, October 25, 2021

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Handsome Ghost


Very much alive

A friend’s bizarre joke, some weird vocal tricks and a former English teacher with a love of music, that’s what created the band Handsome Ghost. This isn’t just a man claiming to be a handsome ghost, because that’d be vain, according to the founder of Handsome Ghost, Tim Noyes.

 “The songs come from an intimate place and I hope they (the fans) naturally connect to it,” Noyes said. “It’s honest and intimate.”

This debut song, “Blood Stutter” which was released in 2014 helped launch the band’s career and currently has over more than 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify —  no easy feat in the music world. Since 2014, the band has toured with Misterwives, Flor and Melanie Martinez to name a few acts.

Those performances are what make his music real to him, something more than a hobby. “It makes music more than just creating music in your bedroom. People get to hear it and connect with it,” Noyes said.

Being honest and casual with his fans is important to Noyes, and that relationship comes naturally to him. “I’m not that mysterious tortured artist. I’m still figuring out who I am musically. I think my music is genuine. I’m just a guy who loves to write music. I love music more than anything.”

Prep Iowa

Handsome Ghost’s newest album, “Welcome Back,” took him four years to write and he hopes it illustrates the changes the band has gone through and how he has changed as a person. This is a continuation of the story of a relationship he shared through “Blood Stutter.” While this album builds on that story of a relationship, he hopes it provides closure to the story.

“It’s kind of sad and romantic in a way to be writing about something for so long,”  Noyes says. “I hope that this album is that closure and we can write about other topics.”

This music means something special to Noyes and he hopes his fans catch on to the connection he has with the music he has created over the years.

“Indie-Prom, to me it’s something different,” Noyes said. “I was in a folk band first, its different tones and sounds. It feels like a nice blend between traditional singer/songwriter, a guy with a guitar and electronic beats. It’s the blend of two worlds.”

The Maintenance Shop in Ames will be featuring the band Flor along with Handsome Ghost on Thursday, February 8. ♦

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