Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Posted July 06, 2020in Guest View

Life is a puzzle

Don’t give in that you cannot do any better. You can do better if you put your mind to doing better. If you give up then you don’t have a [...]

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Posted September 06, 2017in Guest Commentary

An elegy for the Fourth and Court parking lot

These days as I drive east into the downtown area, I marvel at how fast the new Kum & Go headquarters is coming together. I give a mental hello to [...]

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Posted November 02, 2016in Guest Commentary

The American Dream: Jobs or justice?

As we come to terms with election results — and the frustration or despair with the 2016 campaigns — here are three topics worth considering: 1. How will we define [...]

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Posted October 05, 2016in Guest Commentary

The Olympics: Citius, Altius, Fortius and, of course, Litigium

While the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger” is familiar, we also should acknowledge that Litigium — Latin for dispute, controversy or distress — is no stranger to the podium either. [...]

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Posted July 27, 2016in Guest Commentary

Of E.B. White, croquet balls and the press

  Writer E.B. White has a well-deserved warm place in the hearts of millions of people. It would be nice if his writing  also had a place among those who [...]

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Posted June 29, 2016in Guest Commentary

What to do about our dividedness? Small steps can lead us down the path to progress

The evidence is strong: Americans are dividing themselves by category and issue, including personal values, politics, healthcare, international engagement, trade, war, terrorism, guns, wealth, income, housing, education, integration, race, religion, [...]

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Posted June 15, 2016in Guest Commentary

Better labels, better food

  Here’s an option for food manufacturers who don’t want to disclose all that sugar they use: Use less. Food labels are changing. In the past, you could only see [...]

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Posted June 01, 2016in Guest Commentary

A commencement address for the most indebted class ever

The system is trying to squeeze you harder than any generation before you. Congratulations, college graduates! As you enter the next phase of life, you and your parents should be [...]

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Posted April 27, 2016in Guest Commentary

Grassley: Make our courts as dysfunctional as Congress

U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) — in his efforts to make the judiciary as dysfunctional as Congress — does not mind agreeing with Democrats President Obama or Vice President Biden [...]

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Posted April 20, 2016in Guest Commentary

The unavoidable learning curve

We’ve actually heard presidential candidate Donald Trump promise that, under his leadership, we’d potentially get “bored” with winning so much and so often. Now, however, we’re seeing him get the [...]

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