Monday, July 4, 2022

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Posted July 13, 2016in Belly Up To...

Ron & Pat’s Brew Haus — ‘nice people’

  The sign above the white gravel parking lot shows two frothy beer steins poised to clink together. The old school, lounge-looking watering hole sits low on the corner of [...]

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Posted June 22, 2016in Belly Up To...

Della Viti — ‘Froyo’ for adults

    “The building you are in has a great history.” That’s the first line in the narrative that explains what’s happened in this building, which now houses Della Viti, [...]

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Posted April 27, 2016in Belly Up To...

B&G Bar — ‘a good place to relax’

  B&G Bar is an upbeat place where people go to relax. But it isn’t boring, at least not according to bar regulars Haris Zuljevic and Semir Dzankovic. “The craziest [...]

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Posted April 13, 2016in Belly Up To...

Beechwood — a great dive bar without the ‘dive’

  Before the building was the Beechwood Lounge, at various times it was a bank, a federal prison and even an LGBT bar, at least according to longtime bartender Nic [...]

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Posted January 13, 2016in Belly Up To...

Juniper Moon brings elegance to Des Moines

As young men, the owners of Juniper Moon each had a favorite Des Moines restaurant, bar and place to hang out. Now they have their own bar that Des Moines [...]

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Posted August 06, 2014in Belly Up To...

Wellman’s Pub and Rooftop offers the right space for all occasions

Every friend group needs a go-to spot outside of their living space. For the “Friends” crew, it was the Central Perk; for “How I Met Your Mother” it was MacLaren’s [...]

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