Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Dipsos, Other Brothers, 10 Watt Robot


Dipsos band from left: Mike Clabaugh, Dave Zuck, Kenny Sehgal, Brad Schnock. Photo submitted

When Kenny Sehgal was driving from New York to his hometown of Urbandale, he reminisced about his old band while listening to music in his car. 

Although he plays guitar and sings with three other bands in New York, he recalled his musical roots and the buddies he played with. 

His band, Dipsos (formerly known as Dipsomaniacs), played in the late 1980s and early 1990s in the Des Moines area. The cover band played obscure raw rock, such as the Black Crowes. Later, band members all went their separate ways.

Yet, on this drive during Thanksgiving, he made it to Urbandale at his sister’s house and called on his old bandmates, suggesting they get together for a jam. A bandmate found a place to practice in and, before long, they suggested a reunion. Their first gig was the day after Thanksgiving at the Yacht Club. 

“We had a great reception in a packed place,” he recalls.

The following year, they moved to the Gas Lamp and added another band. 

“We had classmates from elementary school there. It was great to see all the familiar faces,” he recalls.

Now, the band is hosting another concert, this time at xBk on Nov. 25, called the Fifth Annual Post Turkey Day Dipsos Blowout. 

It features the Dipsos, The Other Brothers and 10 Watt Robot. Sehgal was heartbroken to see the Gas Lamp venue close. 

“Last year we played, we had a hint that the Gas Lamp might be going away. Usually they booked us the day after our performance for the following year, but they didn’t.”

Yet he’s happy that xBk stepped in to have their concert on the same holiday weekend. Sehgal is excited to feature two popular bands who also played last year.

“The Other Brothers is really popular. They play a lot of gigs in the Des Moines area,” he says. “They play a bit of roadhouse rock, and they have two studio albums.”

10 Watt Robot plays alternative rock, a Midwest rock vibe with original music, and hails from Des Moines. 

“It’s a cross-generational night with three very unique bands,” he says. 

Sehgal remains busy with music in the New York area and is in a touring band, an acoustic combo and a rock band called Mirror Queen. 

“It’s like stoner rock. I’m not sure that type of music has made its way to Iowa,” he reflects.

In addition to playing in bands, he owns a recording studio, Tee Pee Records. He has produced albums, such as underground music from bands like “High On Fire” and “Sleep.” 

Sehgal is on the lookout for future bands in his studio with Iowa connections. One of his latest is a Dubuque band called Telekinetic Yeti.

He’s happy to attend and organize the “Iowa Happy Hour” at the Knitting Factory, a music venue in New York. 

“It’s a way to bring Iowa musicians who are on the road into one venue,” he says. “Dave Zollo and others have stopped by.”

Whenever he returns to Iowa, he tries to catch up on the local band scene. As he’s been away for 30 years, he’s surprised to see some of the same bands and musicians. 

“It’s amazing how Des Moines musicians stick with it, and they keep playing music,” he reflects. “Des Moines music venues and gigs have gotten better over the years. Des Moines people really support live music.”

He says his Iowa influence continues to bring him back, and he’s happy to connect as much as possible. 

“Meeting other bands is half the fun of performing and being in the music business,” he says. “We want to keep the annual party going.”

Tickets are $15 at www.xbklive.com. ♦

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