Sunday, May 22, 2022

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Lost Tracks


Original music influenced by Buddy Holly

As a child, Jason Buns listened to his dad playing Buddy Holly songs
on his guitar. Jason didn’t understand the importance of who Buddy
Holly was until later, when his dad explained the history.

“My dad went to the Surf Ballroom for Buddy Holly’s final concert
before his plane crash,” says Jason. “He even had a napkin with the
musicians’ autographs on it.”

Today, that musical influence resonates with Jason’s band, Lost
Tracks. They play a blend of Waylon-type country, bluegrass, rock ’n’
roll and vintage rock with a “trippy vibe.”

The current band formed in 2016 and is comprised of members
scattered across Iowa including: Jason Buns, lead guitar; David Haas,
vocals; Dave Lumberg, bass; Steve Robinette, rhythm guitar; April
Wells, keyboards and vocals; and Eric Wells, drums and vocals.
One thing that sets the band apart is that all of the music played
are original tunes. The group’s set list contains 100 songs from three of
their current albums and seven soon-to-be recorded albums.

Eric says that playing covers and original songs are vastly different.

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“We’re from the philosophy that we’ve all played cover bands in
the past and have musician friends who make a living playing covers,”
he says. “It’s a whole other side to being in a band that plays original
music. It’s sometimes a challenge for a listener who doesn’t know our

As a result, the band chooses venues where live music is “nurtured.”

“We try to play traditional venues known for live music. Bryon’s in
Pomeroy is a great place for a no-nonsense music venue, because there’s
no football playing on TV or a pool table,” says Jason.

Writing and recording music is a “cool” process. The group
members’ varied musical backgrounds, from classically trained to
bluegrass, lends to their success. Several albums were recorded in an
airplane hanger in Ida Grove, where a local patron of the arts, LaJune
Godbersen, allowed them to record music. The inside appears as a
Spanish grotto or a medieval castle and promotes creativity.

The band believes in its unique musical creations and hopes the
audience recognizes their enthusiasm.

“We have the passion to see this project to a point where we know
we gave it our all,” says Jason. “We want to keep playing music for as
many places and as many people as possible. Right now we’re having a
blast and love what we’re doing. We want our audience to feel the same

Catch Lost Tracks at Vaudeville Mews on June 7. ♦

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