Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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7 questions for Rick Springfield


“Jessie’s Girl” star to perform at Prairie Meadows.

CITYVIEW caught up with Rick Springfield and shot him a few questions via email prior to his upcoming performance in Des Moines at Prairie Meadows on April 19. Below are his answers.

You’ve done practically everything — movies, TV, singing and writing books. What are you most passionate about or what medium allows you to show your true self?

“Writing — the best expressive media. Although painting comes a close second. But it’s a distant second. It’s the old Stephen King thing when they ask him why he writes the kinds of stories he does. His answer is, ‘What makes you think I have a choice?’ I have no desire to be anything than myself. If it doesn’t agree with you, then cough it up and move on.

In 1981 you recorded a hit album and starred in a soap opera. How do you cope with being a heartthrob at age 69? Are there mostly women at your concerts?

“I miss being 28. Now our shows are 50/50. Boys and girls.”

What’s your favorite thing to do while on tour? Do you experience the local scene?

“Sleep, drink and write. I love the hidden treasures in a town, but we’re usually guided to the connected places. If you have a place, call it!”

You’ve won Grammys, worked with Meryl Streep, been interviewed by Oprah and performed countless concerts. Is there any moment in your life that stands out more than others in your career?

“Saying goodbye to my mum and dad. Everything else pales in comparison.”
The Stones are well into their 70s, and there’s a resurgence of classic rock musicians on tour. How long do you want to continue performing?

“I am retiring after this interview. But I saw the Stones in 1965. I saw the Beatles in 1964. I saw the Who in 1966, so I am good. It’s incredible to me that these players are still out there and delivering. God bless beautiful Elvis, but he didn’t see that for himself. I would love to go back and tell him he would fucking kill it now.”

You’ve been open with your life and struggles. Why is it important to share a piece of yourself?

“It’s not at all. Nobody gives a shit about my personal struggles but me. I just wrote what I know, and what I know is my life. Sometimes it intersects with someone else’s.”

What can fans expect from your concert in Des Moines?

“I have a killer band and bring earplugs. Wear your party dress.” ♦

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