Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Dick Danger Band


Tie-dye-clad guitarist funks up Des Moines.

Richard Lloyd, founder of the Dick Danger Band, plays Prince songs on his guitar.

Richard Lloyd, clad in a purple tie-dye outfit, picks up his yellow Prince-inspired guitar and climbed off the stage at the outdoor Clive Festival. His facial expression mimics the highs and twang of his Jimi Hendrix guitar solo, as if he’s an extension of his guitar. He flips his dreadlocks on the guitar strings while mesmerized fans take cellphone videos.
Lloyd, also known as Dick Danger, founded the Des Moines-based Dick Danger Band in 2014. The band name comes from his childhood. After reading Dick Tracy detective books, he dubbed himself “Dick Danger.”

As a youth, Lloyd sang in a church choir but didn’t pick up a guitar until he was 22. As a self-taught guitarist, he was inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Prince and other funk-R&B musicians. He’s performed in several bands, including Comfort Zone and a 10-year stint with Skooter Krunch, when the band wore matching clothing.

Today, he dresses in unique, custom-made clothing and explains his outfits.

“I just want to look different. Everybody remembers the visual aspect of a band,” he says. “It’s like a wedding cake. You might remember how good it looks, but it might not taste good. We’re hoping we’re both.”

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The band plays R&B, soul and funk from 1970s dance music to today’s hits, including Bruno Mars and Prince.

Initially, the band played classic rock tunes but switched gears. Lloyd explains.

“Des Moines is a classic rock town. We want to have our own genre,” he says. “Sometimes it shocks people when we play something different, such as Coldplay. We also feature two rappers during our concerts.”

At a recent concert, lead singer Ar’Jye Collier grabbed a mic and flirted with the crowd, encouraging the ladies to sing along with the “Hot in Herre” song, “It’s so hot, I wanna take my clothes off.”

Additional members include Archie Newman, drums; Curtis Sisk, rhythm guitar; Kyle Needo, background vocals and keyboard; Jason Lantz, bass; Don Girtley and Jason Gorsuch, rappers.

Needo, the youngest band member at age 28, is also blind. Lloyd says it’s challenging at times, but says, “He has perfect pitch. We’re trying to get him to sing more.”

The band performs dance tunes and helps their fans forget their worries.

“We like seeing people enjoying themselves. Any entertainer sees the crowd and responds, feeding off the energy of the crowd,” says Lloyd. “We have the greatest fans, and we would be nothing without our following.” ♦

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    Love this band.. great music!!

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