Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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Lita Ford



“Time Capsule”


When Lita Ford released “Living Like a Runaway” in 2012, she swore up and down that a long, toxic relationship had short-circuited her career and that ex-husband Jim Gillette’s control over her life neutered some of her best work.Lita Ford After getting the chance to hear “Living Like a Runaway” and now “Time Capsule,” it turns out she just might have been right. “Time Capsule” is a collection of songs that were either left on the cutting room floor of previous albums or are slightly reworked versions of live favorites. In virtually every case, the songs do exactly what the title suggests and take listeners back to a time when Ford was renowned as one of the best guitarists around and solidifies the notion that she might have been more than a two-hit novelty all this time. CV


Dan Trilk

“Iowa Weather”


Des Moines has long been known as a hard rock and metal town. But where central Iowa’s greatest strength may actually lie is in the realm of the acoustic singer/songwriter. Dan TrilkSo strong is the roster of acts in town that fit that bill that it can be difficult to rise above the fray and be heard as something notable. However, Dan Trilk gives a solid effort with “Iowa Weather,” and one quickly finds that the album’s strength comes from its guitar work. The songs themselves are simple, efficient pieces, with Trilk’s vocals coming through strong and clear. But it is the underlying fingerpicking stylings that lay the groundwork for everything else and will, at times, bubble up to the forefront at the ends of songs and surprise you with just how nuanced and complex they are. CV



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