Saturday, January 29, 2022

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Lake effect


Lake of Fat Kids plays the early show at Vaudeville Mews on Monday, Nov. 3.

Lake of Fat Kids plays the early show at Vaudeville Mews on Monday, Nov. 3.

Their band name is ridiculous. Their EP is being recorded in another band’s practice space and produced by a guy they met on Omegle. This is the unconventional, unexpected world of Lake of Fat Kids.

Started in 2011, Lake of Fat Kids is primarily comprised of guitarists Joel Smith and Nick Stifel, along with bassist Seth Cloe and a Spinal Tap-style revolving door of drummers. Smith, Stifel and Cloe all met during their respective stints at Roosevelt High School and formed the band during Smith and Stifel’s senior year.

But seriously. What the hell is up with that name?

“It was just a botched game of telephone,” Cloe admitted.


“Originally the band name was going to be Lake Effect Kids,” Smith explained, “in tribute to a Fall Out Boy song, but Nick was telling it to his aunt and she misheard him. So she was like ‘Lake of Fat Kids? That’s a weird name.’ Then when he would tell that story to other friends, they were all like, ‘That should totally be your name. That’s funny.’ ”

The name stuck, because there’s plenty of mileage to be wrung from a good joke. Everything comes with a cost, however, and for Lake of Fat Kids that comes in the form of incredulity.

“We’ve been trying to book out of Des Moines,” Smith said. “But it’s hard, because people see the name and are like, ‘I’m not booking that.’ ”

“It’s funny because people will hear us and be like, ‘Oh, you’re better than we thought,’ ” Stifel added.

“People will see our band name and think that we’re some kind of Weird Al act or something,” Smith continued. “Then we’ll play, and it’s like, ‘Oh, you’re actually a good band.’ ”

The band is currently working on an EP, which should help with booking efforts. They have a demo recorded, but it’s something the entire band refers to as “garbage.” The EP is being recorded on better equipment and mixed by a guy (Stifel’s Omegle find) with actual experience with mixing and production.

The band members are hoping for much stronger results this time around and are keeping their fingers crossed for a Thanksgiving release. The trio is eager to have something to finally put on the merch table.

“For three years we’ve just been going in and playing,” Cloe said. “We figure it’s about time that we have something to sell to people.” CV

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