Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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Yoko OnoYoko Ono
“Yes I’m a Witch Too”

There might not be a bigger hard line in music than Yoko Ono’s voice. Her voice is so distinctive and unique that it either intrigues you or drives you completely mad. “Yes I’m a Witch Too” is a sequel to her 2007 album, “Yes I’m a Witch.” For this installment, Ono taps a number of indie artists to help reinvent her previous works, with mixed results. For as out there and contrived as Ono can sometimes be as a visual artist, her music has, surprisingly, tended to lean toward the mainstream. So when you tap Death Cab For Cutie or the Polyphonic Spree to give a new spin to some fairly straightforward radio songs, the results are hit and miss. Some of the efforts are genuinely quite good, but your mileage will vary depending on how well you can handle the voice that’s on top of it all. CV

Dr. DogDr Dog
“The Psychedelic Swamp”

In its last album, “Live at the Flamingo Hotel,” Dr. Dog took cuts from its previous six offerings and compressed the band’s timeline into one cohesive platter. Now the band goes back into its own primordial soup and gives fans a fresh look at its own 15-year-old debut tape. The source material leaves plenty of room for reinvention, coming from a tape that bassist Toby Leaman has described as “unlistenable.” For hardcore fans of the band, it also provides an interesting look at how far the band has developed its sound, and how they view their own history. “Bring My Baby Back” is possibly the best track on the album and should become a new staple in the Dr. Dog live show, but the entire album serves as an excellent reminder that, while we may not be able to go home again, we should never forget where we came from. CV

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