Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Buzz OsborneBuzz Osborne

“The Machine Kills Artists”


Osborne, legendary front man of The Melvins, has picked 2014 as the year to come forth with his first solo acoustic album. And, ever after 30 years of work to look back on and draw comparisons to, King Buzzo manages to come out sounding original and fresh. “This Machine Kills Artists” is a 100 percent acoustic experience — nary an amp to be found — and the resultant sound allows Osborne’s blistering lyrics to really set up shop in your head and shine. The effect of hearing Osborne perform completely unencumbered is a lot like your first day in a new house: Everything is still packed away, and the place feels kind of empty, but all that space makes every step you take resonate and echo. This isn’t Osborne’s attempt at Utah Phillips or Harry Chapin. This is the king coming off the throne to sit in your lap and scream in your face. CV



Rokysopp_Robyn_Do_It_AgainRoyksopp & Robyn

“Do It Again”


Royksopp and Robyn — two of the best in Nordic electropop, which isn’t nearly as backhanded a compliment as it might sound — are calling “Do It Again” a “mini-album” because, at 35 minutes, it’s a bit too beefy to masquerade as an EP, yet it’s scant five tracks make it too short to be considered a full album. But whatever you want to call it, “Do It Again” is also maybe the best electropop album you could choose to listen to all year. The title track is far and away the best offering on the album, if only because it’s the one song that manages to showcase the very best that each of these acts brings to the table while still managing to be radio-ready and accessible to the masses. CV

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