Friday, August 12, 2022

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CD As For YouAs For You

‘The Process of Separation’


As For You describes itself as “a breath of fresh air” and, after listening to “The Process of Separation,” I’m not inclined to argue all that hard. The thing that makes the album so interesting is As For You’s ability to change pace while maintaining a cohesive sound. Front man Josh Baumunk’s vocals shine throughout the album, as the band’s sound swings from more melodic tracks like “Let Me Be” and “Inside,” to much harder fare like “All to Hell.” It’s difficult to point at any one aspect of the band’s sound and say “this is what makes it work,” and that’s a testament to As For You’s overall polish and ability. Bassist Harpo Dunaway and drummer Brian Ickowitz make for a top-notch rhythm section, and the guitar work of Harold Waits and Jeremiah Johnson round out a beautifully realized sound. CV

As For You play Gross Domestic Product on Saturday, April 13.

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CD Randy BurkeRandy Burk and the Prisoners

“Money, Heart and Soul”


Randy Burk is a sterling purveyor of good, old-fashioned Midwestern Americana. “Money, Heart and Soul” is musical comfort food at its finest: familiar, cozy and just plain good. There’s absolutely nothing here that’s going to surprise you with its innovation or outlandish creativity, but even that works to its advantage. Burk is a performer who clearly knows where his strengths lie, and he plays to them wonderfully. Opening track “Hey Little Girl” is highly reminiscent of the Bobby Fuller Four’s rendition of “I Fought The Law,” and typifies a sound that’s clearly country, but is unafraid to draw from the traditions of ’50s and ’60s bluesy rock. This approach also results in the high-energy “Promiseland,” which is probably the best track on the album. CV

Randy Burk and The Prisoners CD-release party is at Gas Lamp on Saturday, April 13 at 9 p.m.

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