Saturday, May 28, 2022

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Unknown Component


‘Blood v. Electricity’


Unknown Component — consisting of Keith Lynch and little else — is an impressive example of independent artistry. The first thing that stands out about “Blood v. Electricity” is how good it sounds. For the work of one man and his computer, the independently-mixed and -produced album has a beautiful sound. Track layering is flawless, and the mix of live instruments, synth tracks and vocals gives the album a deep, luxurious sound. Beyond simple production value, this is also a testament to Lynch’s musical ability. The songwriting is what you’d expect from dream pop, and Lynch’s understated, contemplative vocals fit really well. Tracks like “Nowhere is Alone” pay homage to acts like Mazzy Star, while “For All Intents and Purposes” ventures more toward prog rock. And it’s all Lynch, which makes the album both interesting and impressive to listen to. CV                

Unknown Component’s CD release party is Oct. 12 at the Beachwood Lounge.

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