Thursday, December 8, 2022

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No Doubt


 No Doubt
‘Push and Shove’

There are two ways to judge No Doubt’s sixth studio effort: in a void, or as a greater body of work. If you choose to do the former, it’s fine — it’s an inoffensive collection of electro-infused songs, offset by the Cali-ska infused “Settle Down.” If, however, you choose to do the latter, “Push and Shove” is almost a complete disappointment. “Settle Down” is a nice call back to the band’s “Tragic Kingdom” roots, but the rest of the album tries very hard to be things that No Doubt has never been: plaintive; balladeering; mature. The band has always been a vehicle for its lovely, charismatic, extremely talented front woman. This is a fact No Doubt has readily acknowledged in its earlier days but now seem to be trying to put it in the past. As a result, too much of the band’s passion and energy is being sacrificed in the name of manufactured cohesion. CV

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